Team Names

30 Small Group Names

A small group of friends shares their matching custom sweatshirts.

Just because your group is small doesn’t mean it’s not a group. Make your social circle official even if it is technically a square or even a triangle with custom t-shirts for your closest group of friends and these fun small group names.

30 Small Group Names

Just the Few of Us

Close Knit Crew

Small But Mighty

Size Doesn’t Matter

Three’s Company


Small World

A Few Good Men

More Than Enough

Handful of Friends

Huddle Up

Tiny Team

Party of Five

You, Me, and Number Three

Three Musketeers

Close Talkers

Like Minded Ladies

Three’s a Crowd

Free Spirits

Youth in a Booth

Strength in Small Numbers

Prime Numbers

Applications Accepted

Three-Piece Band

The Trilogy

Good and Plenty

Easily Overwhelmed

A Couple Intoverts

Social Triangle

Full Circle

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