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31 Retreat Sayings

Everybody needs a little bit of time off the grid. Whether that’s gathering with your girlfriends at an adult summer camp, studying yoga at a beach resort, writing in side-by-side cabins, or finding time to reconnect with your team from work, retreat time is the best time. Custom t-shirts with fun retreat sayings can make your group feel more connected. So, pick your favorite retreat slogan and make some shirts that will always remind them of your time together.

31 Retreat Sayings

  1. Re-treat yo’self
  2. It is your retreat
  3. Ain’t no party like a retreat party
  4. Save me a seat at the retreat
  5. Let’s retreat
  6. Check in and (mentally) check out
  7. Mountain mamas
  8. Cozy up and tune out
  9. Self-care weekend!
  10. Retreat hair, don’t care!
  11. Lather, rinse, retreat!
  12. Repeat retreat [number] annual [name] retreat
  13. Our get away getaway
  14. Friendtreat
  15. Girlfriend getaway
  16. Home sweet retreat
  17. Meet up and camp out
  18. Life is sweet at the retreat
  19. Meet me at the retreat
  20. Unwind in the wind
  21. Lose yourself and find joy
  22. Retreating and relaxing
  23. Be kind to your mind—unwind
  24. Retreat time!
  25. Bringing the heat to the retreat
  26. Team up and tune out
  27. Retreat and relax
  28. Quiet please! Retreating in progress.
  29. Recline, relax, retreat
  30. Retreat relief
  31. Livin’ large at the retreat!

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