Slogans & Sayings

32 Friendcation Slogans and Sayings

Friendcation Slogans and Sayings

When you get together with your friends, there’s nothing you can’t do. So it stands to reason that when you take a vacation together, anything is on the table. Gear up for your next getaway with your group of besties with custom t-shirts and masks that show off just how wild your crew can get. Add some additional fun to your custom gear with this awesome list of friendcation slogans and sayings and make your next vacation unforgettable.

32 Friendcation Slogans and Sayings

Good times and tan lines

More than three amigos

Friends forever, wherever

Spring break with my besties

Good friends and great adventures

Sisterhood of the traveling friends

Friends who travel together get in trouble together

Keep calm and friendcation on

Tropical beaches are better with friends

Instant vacation: Just add friends

Vacation with my beaches

Friends don’t let friends travel alone

Friendcations: Like a vacation with more fun

Vacation is where your friends are

Besties on the beach

Friendcation’s all I ever wanted

Holiday with the homies

Traveling is better when your friends are together

Late nights, later mornings

My friends can go all night

Ain’t no party like a friendcation party, ‘cause a friendcation party don’t stop

Friends of a feather travel together

Bros on the road

Let’s get tropical beaches

Reunited and it feels so good

Making memories we’ll immediately forget

Friendship beach trip

It’s a best friend thing, you wouldn’t understand

Backpacking with my besties

Friends in foreign countries

Boats and bros

What happens on friendcation, stays on friendcation

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