Selecting The Right Product

How to select the right product for your fundraising campaign:

Every organizer has different needs and goals for their booster. For some, the priority is to raise the most money possible for your cause, and the products you’re selling are somewhat secondary, and finding a good looking option with a great profit margin is the perfect fit. For others, the fundraising aspect of the campaign is important, but not at the expense of a great, soft, more premium product. We’re t-shirt experts at Booster, so we’d never recommend anything we don’t already have in our closets, but the hundreds of products available on our site do range from premium, to more generic, to everything in between.   

  •   Know your audience

No one knows your community better than you do, so ask yourself a few questions as you’re deciding what product is best for your group.

    • Do your supporters really need (or even want) a premium product, or will a standard cotton shirt work best? For many small groups and families, the product often takes a backseat to price, and a more standard t-shirt is the best way to keep the selling price low and the fundraising total high.
    • Will you need to offer a variety of sizes, colors, or styles on your booster? While the more standard, cotton t-shirts usually come in a wide variety of color and size options, and even have different sizes and styles available for women and children, trendier products aren’t always available in the same options.
      • **One thing every organizer should know** Did you know you can offer up to six different products on the same booster page, as long as they have the same design and can print together? We have actually found that boosters offering more than one product have a  ___% higher success rate than boosters only offering one product? It’s because your supporters are all different, and sometimes they want different things! If you’re raising money for a breast cancer charity, and want to show off your survivor pride loud and proud with a neon pink shirt, more power to you! But give the men in your life a more neutral option. If you’re raising money for a non-profit in Florida, but have family and friends in Minnesota, give those guys a hoodie option! Just make sure you’re pricing each item accordingly — more expensive items like sweatshirts and premium brands should have a higher selling price, while more standard t-shirts can be priced a bit lower.


  • How much are your supporters willing to spend and how much do you want to raise? The more premium the product, the more it costs, that’s just common sense right? What this means for your booster is that the more premium your product, the higher your selling price will have to be in order to have a reasonably low print minimum, and to guarantee the printing of your shirts. With a more standard item, you’ll have more flexibility with the price point of your shirts, and won’t have to charge as much to see that fundraising total start to climb.
  • Are you looking for something specific? Some groups are looking for something besides your run of the mill t-shirt, and we do have a lot of other fun options available. If you want to offer something besides apparel for your booster — maybe a hat or water bottle, you’ll want to utilize our expert Advisor team and make sure everything will be on schedule, since there are sometimes restrictions on these items.


  • Express yourself through color? If you’re planning to wear your booster shirts at an event like a walk or run, consider offering a few different options for your supporters, like a blended cotton or performance t-shirt. If you’re a student group, consider designing at least one of your shirt options in your school colors. A lot of charities and medical causes even have their own ribbon color, so if there’s a specific cause you’re focusing on, consider offering a few different shirt colors, a few neutrals, and one in the official color, so you can represent your cause! We can even change the color of the design from shirt to shirt, so your message will always stand out!

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