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22 Cousin Sayings

Calling all cousins! Is your cousin crew looking for a saying or mantra that represents your fun, loving, or crazy relationship? We’ve put together a list of some great cousin sayings and slogans just for you. Once you find one that best suits your family, be sure to browse our huge selection of customizable apparel. After you’ve picked the perfect t-shirt or tank top, head over to our design lab to personalize your gear. Check out the list below!

22 Cousin Sayings

Cousins By Blood, Friends By Choice

Cousins: Built in Besties

There’s No Crew Like a Cousin Crew

Never Underestimate the Power of a Cousin

When We Have Each Other, We Have Everything

Our Family Might Be a Little Crazy, But All The Best People Are

Cousin: A Childhood Playmate Who Grows Up To Be a Forever Friend

Blame It On Our Parents

We’re Cousins Because Our Moms Couldn’t Handle Us as Siblings

My Cousins, My Tribe

Crazy is a Relative Term in Our Family

Cousins are Friends that Will Love You Forever

“A cousin is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.” – Marion C. Garretty

Happiness Is Having Crazy Cousins

We Put the FUN in Dysfunctional

A Cousin is a Ready Made Friend for Life

This is What an Awesome Cousin Looks Like

“Cousins are connected heart to heart, distance and time can’t break them apart.”

A Cousin a Day Keeps the Boredom Away

Love Still Keeps Us Together

We’re Not Regular Cousins, We’re Cool Cousins

Because I Have a Cousin I Will Always Have a Friend

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