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Polar Plunge Team Names

Polar Bear Plunge Team T-Shirt Photo

There’s nothing quite like the rush you get from diving into freezing cold water in the middle of winter. It may be pretty crazy, but for those that have participated in a Polar Bear Plunge before, it’s quite a thrill (I speak from past experience having done it in college). Custom Ink has also had tons of orders of custom gear for enthusiastic Polar Plunge teams. So we’re happy to share some of our favorite team names with you! If you see a name that makes you want to dive in, add it to your hoodies and long sleeves to don post-ice bath. Check ’em out, and be safe out there, polar bears!

Creative and Funny Polar Plunge Team Names

The Frozen Popsicles

Ssssssooooo Cccccooooold

The Age of Shivery


Freezin’ for a Reason

Big Test Icicles

The Ice Aged

Chattering Crazies

Blue Bloods

The Polar Express

Polar Power

Frosty Balls

Ice Queens

Dare to Bear

Ice Holes

I’m Too Cube

Ice, Ice, Baby

Shock and Thaw

Ice Men

Chill Out

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