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Creative and Funny Nursing Staff Team Names

Posted By Adam Levine

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In need of a team name for your nursing staff’s upcoming event or to show your team spirit at your hospital? Look no further! Whether you’re looking for one of a kind t-shirts, custom scrubs, or face masks, personalized gear is sure to unite your hard working group. Check out our team names below, and feel free to pick one to use on your gear!

Nursing Staff Team Names

    The RNners


    The Pain Pals

    Nurses Stick Butt!

    Break a Lead!

    The Lifesavers

    The IV Leggers

    Keep Calm & Nurse On

    The Nightshift

    Neon Nurses

    Spreading Smiles

    Night Nurses

    Code Blue

    Shots Shots Shots

    Say Ahhh

    Team Vital

    It Takes Heart

    Heroes in Scrubs

    No Scrubs


    Blood, Sweat, Tears

    Heart Stoppers

    Wash Your Hands

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