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Killer Zombie Walk Team Names

Posted By Alexa Kitchen


Are you participating in an upcoming zombie walk or run, but can’t come up with a team name to save your life? Check out a list of some of the coolest zombie walk team names below. Kill the competition with your team name on a customizable t-shirt. They’ll ship free and fast, so you can get ready to run for your life!

15 Killer Zombie Walk Team Names

    Zomb Squad

    Dead Last

    The Cardio Corpses

    Grateful Undead

    Brain Eating Machines

    The Slayers Guild

    Zombie Apocalypse Response Team

    Blood, Sweat, and Brains

    The Walking Dead


    Post-apocalyptic Society

    The Mad Dashers

    Zombie Bait

    The Final Countdown

    ZERO: Zombie Elimination and Removal Operation

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