Custom Ink’s Top Ideas for Giving Back on GivingTuesday

What is GivingTuesday?

GivingTuesday has become a global movement in its short 10-year history. Every year on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving—November 29th this year—people all over the world find ways to do good and make generosity a part of everyday life. The GivingTuesday organization has coined the term “radical generosity”—the concept that the suffering of others should be as intolerable to us as our own suffering—and considers it the driving force for change they wish to see. GivingTuesday empowers everyone to give back in any way they can, which means there are many ways to participate. Monetary donations are always key, but you can also donate your time as a volunteer, partner with other organizations and businesses in your community, or organize an event that gives back. 

Why Give on GivingTuesday?

The numbers alone on GivingTuesday can be pretty astounding, and more and more money has been raised every year. In 2019, an estimated $1.9 billion was raised. In 2020, despite—or perhaps because of—the COVID-19 pandemic, that number grew to a staggering $2.47 billion. And in 2021, GivingTuesday was a success yet again with $2.7 billion raised. By the way, these numbers only represent how much money was raised in the US alone. Millions of dollars were raised by the 80+ countries that also participated, including Canada, Brazil, France, India, Japan, Kenya, Spain, and United Kingdom. While the incredible amount of money raised on GivingTuesday is powerful, it doesn’t reflect the people who also donate their time by volunteering or the donations of goods, which are also just as significant to this day. These numbers prove that individual contributions have a real impact on people’s lives. 

How Can You Give?

However you’re planning to participate this year, Custom Ink is here to help you give back. Starting a fundraiser on GivingTuesday is an excellent way to give back, and by fundraising with Custom Ink, you can get some awesome custom t-shirts in the process! Our fundraising platform was built to give you the easiest and most effective way to raise money for your group, charity, organization, or cause. You can host a fundraiser year-round, but GivingTuesday is a great time to inspire others to give back since the rest of the world is in on it too! Below we have some helpful tips on how to maximize your GivingTuesday experience and donations. 

Get a Head Start on Spreading the Word

Although GivingTuesday isn’t until November 29th, it helps to start telling your friends, family, customers, followers, coworkers, and everyone else as early as September or October that you’re planning on participating. Once your campaign is set up, use email and social media to keep people updated, and send more frequent communications as the day gets closer.  

Leverage Social Media

Social media is more important than ever on GivingTuesday. Especially since the pandemic, people rely on the Internet to spread their message. They may even be looking for ways to volunteer or donate virtually, which makes it even more essential to have a social media presence regarding your cause. 

Start by sharing an announcement on your Facebook page, Twitter account, and Instagram feed. Each platform has different posting parameters, so your posts will be more successful if you edit your announcement to work for each of them. Facebook allows for more space, so you can be more in-depth. Twitter allows up to 280 characters, so leave in the most important details and include your fundraiser link. On Instagram, use a compelling image with a short but informative description, and put the link to your fundraiser in your bio. 

Here are some examples of social media announcements that GivingTuesday provides: 


  • “I’m showing my support for [cause/nonprofit] this Nov 30th for #GivingTuesday. Let’s come together to support our communities around the world.”
  • “I’m proud to stand with people around the world in raising awareness & support for nonprofits and people who are helping communities. Join me in giving back this #GivingTuesday.”


  • This Nov 29, I’m joining forces with people and organizations around the world for #GivingTuesday. Let’s create a wave of generosity by sharing how you will support nonprofits, individuals, and organizations this November.
  • I’m joining forces with people and organizations in nearly every country for #GivingTuesday–a global day of giving and unity that will take place on Nov 29, 2022. Follow @givingtuesday for ideas and ways you can help.

Use a Hashtag

It’s important to use the #GivingTuesday hashtag when sharing on social media so that you can get the full, rewarding experience of being a part of a global movement. You might even get retweeted or shared by a GivingTuesday account or someone who likes your campaign. Coming up with your own hashtag is also a fun way to make your campaign even more memorable and recognizable! 

Use GivingTuesday Imagery

GivingTuesday provides free templates and images with their logo so that you can share and spread the word as you please! You can use these images as they are or download them and make them your own. Adding your unique and artistic spin on the day can enhance your fundraiser’s social media presence and add something special to your group’s experience. 

Start Your Fundraiser 

Custom Ink Fundraising makes it easy to sell custom t-shirts for your cause—just design your shirt, share it with your community, and Custom Ink will take care of the rest! We fill the orders and send along the money you raise, with no inventory, hassles, or risks. Supporters can also make additional donations right to your fundraising campaign without having to purchase a t-shirt. This option If there’s a cause you’ve been wanting to spread awareness about but haven’t had the chance to yet, GivingTuesday is a wonderful time to start. 

Design Custom T-shirts to Spread Awareness

You don’t have to start a fundraiser to create awesome custom t-shirts that spread awareness around a worthy cause. If you’re hosting an event, volunteering at an organization, or just want to spread the word about what you care about, custom apparel is a great way to do just that. Explore our library of design templates to get inspired or head to our Design Lab to create the design of your dreams. You may be surprised at the power of custom gear once you’ve worn it.  

Get Personal

On a day like GivingTuesday, don’t be afraid to write about why you care about the cause you’re supporting. Tell people why you’ve chosen this cause and why it’s important to you. That may include telling them about how it impacted you or a loved one or how the funds will make a difference. Sharing experiences like this can be a powerful way to attract donors and volunteers as they may have shared them too.     


GivingTuesday is an inspiring day to give back to your communities, spread awareness, and raise money. Whatever the cause you’re hoping to support this year, Custom Ink is here to support you support others. 

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