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32 Camp Cabin Names

Cabin, sweet, cabin! Check out our list of creative cabin names for you to use at camp this year. Looking for a way for your cabin to stand out? It all starts with the perfect cabin name. Once your crew has decided on the perfect name, create keepsake custom apparel honoring your home away from home. We’ve got t-shirts, hats, and more for you to personalize with your cabin name. Whether you plan to cozy up by the campfire or take on the wilderness, we’re sure to have the perfect customizable gear for you.

32 Camp Cabin Names

    Adventure Peak

    Happy Trails


    Blame It All On My Roots

    Sandy Shores

    Hikers Haven

    SunFun Sanctuary

    Happy Daze

    Castaway Cottage

    Fine Pine

    Maple Leafs

    Waterfalling in Love

    Roughing It

    Rise & Relax

    Wild & Free

    Happy Campers

    Spruced Up Shelter

    The Hideout

    Blue Bird Bunker

    Everlasting Evergreen

    Seas the Day

    Firefly Fortress

    Take a Hike

    Wanderer’s Sanctuary

    Base Camp

    Mountain Made

    Down Home Den

    Naughty by Nature

    Cozy Cabin

    Trail Blazers

    Hideaway Hills

    Nature’s Beauties

    Outdoor Oasis

    Call of the Wild

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