Slogans & Sayings

Swing Dance Sayings & Slogans

Get ready to bust out your best dance moves with a new swing dance saying or slogan. They’re sure to inspire your group to jitterbug their way to the top. Browse our list of swing dance sayings below and pick your favorite. Once you find one you like, boogie woogie on over to our design lab where you can customize t-shirts, tank tops, and more.

Swing Dance Sayings & Slogans

    Put Some Swing In Your Step

    Take More Chances, Dance More Dances

    Just Swing It

    Dance Now, Think Later

    Swing Dancing: The Original Social Network

    I’ve Got Swing Fever

    All That Jazz

    Swingers Have More Fun

    Dance It Out

    Who Needs Swag When You’ve Got Swing

    You Lead, I’ll Follow

    Jump, Jive, & Swing

    Life is Better When You Swing Dance

    It Don’t Mean a Thing, If It Ain’t Got That Swing

    Dance to Express, Not to Impress

    Lindy Hop ‘Til You Drop

    Never Miss a Chance to Swing Dance

    Keeping the Jive Alive

    We’ve Got the Swing of It

    Eat. Sleep. Swing. Repeat.

Alexa helps contribute fun, original content to the blog. She’s all about finding the perfect play on words to help inspire our customers in creating their ideal t-shirt. If you like silly sayings and catchy slogans, check out more of her posts!

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