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Hemophilia Walk Team Names

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Hemophilia, for which there is no cure, is a genetic disorder where blood doesn’t clot normally. Each year, the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) holds the Hemophilia Walk around the US to raise funds for research. According to the NHF, the walks have raised over $14.5 million since they began in 2008. Have an upcoming hemophilia walk or leading a team for a loved one? Check out our hemophilia walk team names below.

Hemophilia Walk Team Names

    Trot for Clots

    Bloody Awesome

    Turning Negative to Positive

    Walking for My Blood Line

    Bleeding Hearts

    Not Walking in Vein

    Blood is Thicker Than Water

    Now We Got Bad Blood

    Hemophiliac Maniacs

    Don’t Stop Bloodlievin’

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