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Whether you’re participating in a charity bike race with friends or starting your very own mountain biking or cycling team, a creative team name on your jersey will get you noticed. Check out our list of fun team names we’ve compiled and stick one on custom team jerseys or cycling t-shirts made here at Custom Ink. Happy pedaling!

Funny & Creative Team Names for Your Cycling Team

The Cyclomaniacs

Pesky Peddlers

Geared Up

Spoke & Mirrors

The Handlebar Army

Wheels of Steel

The Chaingang

Saddled & Addled

The Cyclepaths

Tour de Farce

Old Cranks

Magically Bikelicious

Look Ma No Hands!

Pedal Pushers

Grind My Gears

Spin Doctors

Pedal Power

Full Circle


Wheelie Awesome




Vicious Cycle

Chain Reaction

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    • Sarah McClellan

      I’m a mom and avid cyclist who just started a cycling club in
      Elk Grove with three other avid cyclists. we came up with the name (WOW) Women On Wheels, but a bay area club already claimed that name.

      We need help with a name for our cycling club. It’s an all women’s cycling group and will include Sacramento women as well as Elk Grove women.

      If you can come up with a fun, fanciful name, it’d be much appreciated.


    • julie

      Elks with Sacs

    • Ibrahim nabil

      Please help me name my cycling club . It is a male team
      Thank you

    • Lissa Eckert

      Hi Ibrahim! What do you think about BroCyclists?

    • Wesley Spratt

      I am forming a new club and new building. Kicking around the name Take A Pull . Initials TAP for the beer drinkers after a ride

    • Kim Platt

      I have a small bike group planning a trip to Spain and we need a name for our group. Any suggestions?

    • Lissa Eckert

      Hey Kim! Your trip sounds awesome! Here are some suggestions for names:

      * Spain Cycle
      * Ride Tribe
      * No sPain, No Gain

    • Jo Routley

      A female team cycling from London to Paris, we need a team name.

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