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Funny and Clever Paintball Team Names

Posted By Jeff Gregory

If you are planning a paintball weekend with your buddies, or thinking about joining an amateur league, we’ve put a list of some fun and cool paintball team names for you to choose from. Sticking one of these names on your custom team t-shirts may not help you win, but they’re sure to create some laughs or intimidate your competition. Check them out below!

Funny & Clever Paintball Team Names

    Balls of Steel

    Grand Theft Paintball

    Locked & Loaded

    Lone Wolves

    Paintball Wizards

    Splat Squad

    Color Blind

    Paint Bombs

    Most Valuable Team

    Colorful Balls

    Team Honey Badger

    Bad Blood

    Fatal Assassins

    Paintshop Pro

    Team Honey Badger

    Alpha Squad

    Click, Click, Splat

    Team Rainbow

    Shut Up We’re Trying

    Paint the Town

    Color Spectrum

    Friendly Fire

    Graffiti U

    Ball Busters

    Ghost Team


    Balls of Duty Paint Warfare


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  • paintball

    Thanks for that important information, its really helpful.

  • Jake

    Cool team names, I like Team World Police.

  • Hammerkid

    I like team honey badger and balls of steel

  • Damian ferrer

    The best names ever for a team I’m going with balls of stee•_•

  • cliff

    i dont care who you are “shut up we’re trying” is the best team name

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