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Funny Beer Olympic Slogans & Sayings

Beer olympics quotes
Getting ready to compete in the games of your life?! Step up for your beer olympics with some of our funny Beer Olympics Slogans & Sayings. See who can run the farthest, and drink the most! But as always, please drink responsibly. If you still need a team name, check out our funny & creative beer olympic team names. And don’t forget to design some custom tees for your whole squad. May the best team win!

Funny Beer Olympic Quotes

    Finishing the race is optional– finishing your beer is not

    Drink, run, repeat

    Champions of volleybeer, softbeer, and drinking beer

    Just brew it

    Got the hops to win?

    To beer or not to beer– that is a silly question

    First I drink the beer. Then I flip the cup.

    Race and rock at beer o’clock

    Hydrate responsibly

    Will run for beer

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