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20 Creative Heart Walk Team Names for Your Group

Heart walk team names

Heart disease is one of the leading killers in the US. Each year, people around the country step out for charity events and American Heart Association Heart Walks to support awareness and loved ones. Got an upcoming event and need some great custom gear for your team? We at Custom Ink have put together a list of some of our favorite heart walk team names just for you! Feel free to pick one from the list and stick it on your charity t-shirts and jerseys. A great team name will not only help you stand out, it could help you raise more money for your cause!

Creative & Inspiring Heart Walk Team Names

    Move Your Feet, Keep The Beat


    Heart & Sole

    Clot Busters

    Got Heart?

    Cardiac Rehab

    Tick-Tock We Don’t Stop

    Heart Throbs

    Pace Makers

    …And The Beat Goes On

    I Aorta Like You

    The Heart Wants What It Wants

    We’ve Got Heart

    Heart Warmers

    Don’t Go Bacon My Heart

    Take It Don’t Break It

    Walking From the Bottom of Our Hearts

    You Make My Heart Sing

    Skipping a Beat

    Apex Pavement Pounders

Kate wants her work to impact the little but important moments in people’s lives—like birthdays, anniversaries, and family celebrations. She loves coming up with witty copy that might inspire someone to create an awesome t-shirt!

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    • Victoria

      Hi I need a name for our team for a heart walk we are doing on oct.19 ….we are doing this walk for my husbands mom who passed away two yrs ago from a heart attack …we want to remember her and spread awareness on getting checked for heart disease …thank u

    • Adam Levine

      Hi Victoria,

      Thanks for visiting CustomInk. I am sorry to hear about your loss.

      I can certainly help you find a creative name for your heart walk team. I’ll try to have something to you by Monday at the latest.

      All the best.

    • Megan

      Hello, I’m doing the heart walk for my mom who is a stroke survivor. I need a really awesome team name! Thank you

    • Adam Levine


      I’m happy to help find a team name for your upcoming Heart Walk. I’ll email you in the next 24-48 hours. Best regards.

    • Zaida

      Hi. I am 38 years old a mother of 2 and after over 18 years of being misdiagnosed and suffering a minor stroke 2 years ago . I was diagnosed with a rare heart disease. I want to help spread awareness for women , especially young women. I am starting a team and doing the heartwalk in May. I was hoping you could help me with a creative name. Thanks

    • Adam Levine


      Thanks for visiting CustomInk. Good for you for getting out there and helping spread awareness about your cause. It sounds like you’ve fought quite the battle. I’ll send you some name ideas by Friday. All the best.

    • Debra


      Our son had “Heart” surgery at only a couple of hours old. We will do our first Boston walk this year and need a very special name for our team. Our son is so special is so many ways. He is the most out going little one year old I have ever met. Our son is never un-happy and everyone we come in contact with say’s I have never seen a baby so handsome and happy. Well I sometimes want to say you have no idea what he has gone through this past year (but you know TMI) 🙂 Our son always has a smile on his face. He has changed my life as well as my husbands. We look at life so different and live life to the fullest.


    • Adam Levine

      Hi Debra,

      Thanks for visiting CustomInk. Your son sounds like an amazing lil guy. 🙂

      Since team name requests are at an all-time high, it’s gonna be about another week before I can get back to you. I hope that is okay. So expect an email from me by the first week of March.

    • Jennifer

      Just came across your site! I’m putting a team together for a Heart Walk in May and need some help with creative names! I was diagnosed in October with cardiomyopathy, 5 weeks after giving birth to my baby Gianna. She’s our one and only! I hope you can help!!

    • Kirsty Wilson

      Wld like grt team name for 5, 3men 2 women.
      Doing the kiltwalk for scotlands children. As well as our own charity bobath ceryebal palsy. Any ideas wld be grt. Thank you. Xx

    • Trisha

      hi! my family and friends and I are doing a heart walk in honor of my neice, Emma. we need a creative name so we can sign up! she was diagnosed with Hypoplastic left heart syndrome, and she is doing great so far at 5 months old! if you could help us come up with a name that has emma’s name in it, that would be great!!!

    • Patti Rabette

      Adam, my name is Patti and I’m a manager in the Diagnostic Imaging (radiology) department of a hospital. I’m the team captain and would really like a catchy name. I myself had a heart attack 5 years ago at the age of 42 and am extremely lucky to have survived based on how it happened. I was trying to think of something catchy either with my name in the team name, something about women and heart disease; although there will be men on my team, or something to do with imaging (x-ray, Cat Scan, MRI, etc). Thank you!

    • Adam Levine


      Thanks so much for visiting CustomInk. So glad to hear you are doing okay and able to participate in the event. That’s awesome.
      However I am no longer able to send custom team names by request, but let me see if I can find some from a previous email I sent. Be in touch soon.

    • Jenna

      We are putting on a 5K in September for Congenital Heart Disease research. My baby was born with multiple congenital heart defects that weren’t found until she was 3 weeks old. She has a single ventricle heart. Her name is Harper. We are doing it in Harper’s honor but the money raised is going to CHD research. Any ideas for a catchy name for the 5K?

    • Rebecca

      Hi, i have been nominated a team captain for the heart walk in new orleans this year. I am an employee, RN, at a community hospital and lost my husband in 2013 to an acute aortic dissection tragically. He was 39 years old, I am 32 years old and we have a now 3 year old. I wanted to focus on awareness regarding aortic disease or primarily AORTIC DISSECTIONS and importance of timely diagnosis bc so often misdiagnosed and not considered in young people when presenting with classic symptoms to emergency rooms. Thanks for your help!

    • Adam Levine


      Thanks so much for visiting CustomInk. I am so sorry to hear about Harper’s condition but it is absolutely awesome you’re organizing a race in her honor. I haven’t really been able to provide team name or race name support in some time due to high demand, but I sent you an email with a few ideas based on past ideas I’ve emailed folks. Best of luck with the 5k and I hope your little one is doing well.

    • Sadaf

      I need help coming up with a name for a heart walk. The walk is for all the CHD patients and wanted to come up with something creative so that i can start using that to raise funds for the walk.

      thank you

    • Adam Levine


      Thanks for visiting. I’m happy to help you with some name ideas. Give me a day or two and I’ll email you some name ideas.

    • Karen

      Hi, we are forming a walkathon team for my daughter, who has a congenital heart defect. Can you please email the list of past suggestions for creative names? Thanks so much!

    • Sadaf

      Hi Adam
      I havent received any email just wondering if you had any names

    • Melissa

      We hold a great walk in 10 locations in Australia called Two Feet and a Heartbeat

    • Jane Simmons

      I am patient experience manager for a community hospital and our hospital is one of the sponsors for the American Heart Association, Heart Chase event this year. I need to come up with a team name and would like my team name to have something that is based around the patient experience. Could you help me or suggest a team name that would be good for us?

      Thank you,

    • Martin Cepeda

      Hi Adam,

      My name is Martin I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy 20 years ago.This past July,2018 I had a heart transplant.My wife and I are putting together a team for a heart walk in May 2019.We will like some help with creative names for our team. Something with my name will be great.


    • Lissa Eckert

      Martin, WOW! We would love to help with a team name for your heart walk this coming May. Martin’s Mighty Myocardi-O or Cepeda’s Cardio Crushers?

    • Nikki

      Good afternoon!
      This page is great!
      I work with the pediatric and congenital cardiology population. Do you have any creative names that you could share with us?! We are preparing to do a heart walk as a department.
      We would love your help!
      Thank you in advance!

    • Lissa Eckert

      Hi Nikki! We’d love to help with a team name for your department. Please feel free to use one of the names on our list, or we can help make it even more unique with a little more information about your hospital or region! Just comment back with some information and we’ll see what we can come up with. 🙂

    • Nikki

      Hi Lissa!
      Thank you for getting back to me!
      We are a pediatric and congenital cardiology department located in Cleveland, OH. We are passionate about caring for our little ones and watching them grow up and become adults! We care for all age and sizes and are an outpatient department in a major children’s hospital!
      Thank you again! So excited!

    • Lissa Eckert

      Oh wow! What wonderful work you and your coworkers do. 🙂

      Here are a couple of ideas I’ve come up with that I hope you’ll love:

      – Team It Takes Heart
      – The Sweet Tock-ers (I’m seeing a heart ticking along, healthy as can be after seeing y’all!)
      – CardiOhio
      – Little Hearts, Can’t Lose (anyone a Friday Night Lights fan?)
      – Little Heart Heroes

    • Nikki

      Thank you! I appreciate your help and feedback!

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