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Fun & Clever Acapella Team Names


Hit the right note with a perfect acapella team name. We’ve put together a list of some of the best acapella team names, including a few of our favorites from past customer orders. Once you’ve found a team name you like, don’t forget to browse our great selection of shirt styles. Personalized tees, tanks, or face masks are a great way to unite your group for your upcoming performance, fundraiser, or event- now that’s aca-mazing!

22 Fun & Clever Acapella Team Names

    Tonal Silence

    You’ve Got Scale

    Clef Hangers

    Tone Down for What

    Pitch Slapped


    Treble Threat

    All That Jazz

    Vocal Point

    Foot Notes

    Local Vocals



    Get Low

    Chord of the Rings


    Shirley Tempos

    The Tone Commandments

    Light My Choir

    Wrecking Belles

    Tone Wolf

    One Note Stand

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