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Crohn’s Walk Team Name Ideas


Are you participating in an upcoming Crohn’s walk or Colitis fundraising event? Check out our list of fun and memorable Crohn’s Walk team names below. A good team name will unite your group, help bring awareness, and look great on your customized apparel!

Crohn’s Walk Team Name Ideas

    The Bowel Brigade

    Guts & Glory

    Party Poopers

    Crohn’s Crew

    Frequent Flushers

    Semi Colon;

    Pain in the Butt

    Gutsy Guys/Gals

    Game of Crohn’s

    Royal Flush

    Strollin’ for the Colon

    Super Poopers

    Tract Stars

    Crohn’s Crushers

    Gut Busters

    Angry Bellies

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