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31 Boy Scout Patrol Names

Boy Scout Troop in matching custom shirts

A scout troop dressed for adventure in their matching custom shirts

Since 1910, the Boy Scouts of America have been providing opportunities for young people to embody good citizenship and self-reliance through its troop program. Boy Scout patrols unite kids on a local level to explore nature, give back to the community through volunteer programs, and teach important life skills. Coming up with a memorable patrol name is important since it helps set the group apart and bonds the members together. Check out our list of patrol names below for inspiration, or use your own to personalize custom performance shirts and hoodies—perfect for hiking!

31 Boy Scout Patrol names

Disco Dinosaurs

The Elite Yeet Yetis

Hip-hop Kangaroos

Swole Orcas

Seriously Chill Sloths

Donut Pterodactyls

Sus Penguins

Benevolent Cat Ghosts

Ghost Mountain

Swag Leopard Gang

Adequate Bats

Toothy Alligators

Mega Anaconda

Crusty Kraken

Poggers Mothman

Nine-tailed Foxicorn Ninjas

Order of the Ramen Slurpers

Stealth Spiral Sharks

Lasershark Dance Party

Bubble tea Panda Band

Guitar-shredding Iguanas

Classy Cryptids Club

Knife-wielding Magnetic Serpents

Junkyard Crows

Magnificent Catwings

Jumbo Ratking

the Powerfully Photogenic Pugs

Quasar Quolls

the Biscuit-eating Bonobos

Chomp Chomp Chinchillas

the Fastest Slow Lorises

Impeccable Pangolins

Axe-throwing Axolotls


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