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Whether it’s tweaking an Organizer’s original hand-drawn concept, or creating a powerful shirt design from scratch– Booster’s in-house designers are expert at taking a simple t-shirt design concept and upgrading it to the next level. The Booster design team field requests from the Design Lab where campaign Organizers can choose between editing a pre-existing design, submitting a design form for the design team for modification, or creating a completely new shirt design.

The design request form is for organizers who want to offer a compelling new shirt design, but who lack the skills and resources that Booster’s design team can offer. Our talented artists will take a picture or concept you submit and put together a design that they think best embodies your request. Here, from Booster designers is a selection of some of the campaigns that benefitted from their creative assistance…

Keep reading for some new and improved graphics and great transformations.

Butterfly Nation Project

This great campaign is raising money for Thyroid Disease. A group of passionate women from The Butterfly Nation have come together to make this shirt for the purpose of raising funds and awareness for a cause that affects many people. Inspired by the butterfly-like shape of the thyroid gland, the organizers reached out to Booster with a sketch of what they envisioned on the shirt. From there Jess C., one of our designers, took the image and engineered it into the shirt you see above. This shirt raised $620 and sold 116 pieces!


World Water Relief

For this t-shirt, designer Matt P. started with an image that the organizer have given him as well as a phrase that they would like included. By taking the time to shape the quote into a water bottle, the new t-shirt design really captures what the organizer was trying to convey, that access to clean water is a necessity for everyone! Through the sale of 106 shirts, this campaign raised $1,310 for World Water Relief, a non profit focused on the importance of safe water and sanitation.



Joining in the Fight with Theresa

The Rodgers sisters started running this campaign for their third sister, Theresa, who was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. As Theresa moved through treatment and had to quit one of her jobs, her medical bills started to rise. To pay for these bills, the girls decided it would be a good idea to run a t-shirt campaign! This great shirt design, created by Mike D., was inspired by the sister’s original design and raised a total of $250 for Theresa.




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    • Albert

      Looking to start a new booster campaign and would like some help with fresh ideas for t shirts. The majority of our supporters are women. If you look up my emal you can see our prior campaigns.

    • Gail Jackson

      I am looking for a design concerning homeless Veterans

    • Gail Jackson

      I am looking to design a t shirt for homeless veterans

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