Design Services for Your Fundraising Campaign – Papua New Guinea Spotlight

Whether it’s tweaking an Organizer’s original hand-drawn concept, or creating a powerful original shirt design from scratch– Booster offers custom design services for your fundraising campaign to help take a design concept and upgrade it to the next level. Booster’s in house design team take requests from the Design Lab where campaign Organizers can choose between editing a pre-existing design, submitting a design form for the design team to modify, or creating a completely new shirt design.

The design request form is available for organizers who want to incorporate a compelling new shirt design, but lack the skills and resources that Booster’s design team offers. Our talented artists will take a picture or concept you submit and put together a design that they think best embodies your request. Each week we are going to feature a campaign that benefited from the creative assistance of our Booster designers.  

Keep reading to learn more about this week’s transformation!

Papua New Guinea Islands Training Project


design services for your fundraising campaign


design services for your fundraising campaign


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