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Cheer Team Names & Colors for Your Cheerleading Shirts

Posted By Adam Levine

FHS Cheerleading Team Photo
Is your cheer team or gym looking for clever team/squad names? We’ve put together some of our favorites, along with some color schemes if you are in need of some extra suggestions as well. They’re great for cheerleading t-shirts and cheer sweats to wear in competition.

Cheerleading Team Name/Color Ideas for Cheer Shirts & Sweats

Premier Cheer | Colors: Gold & Black or Metallic Silver & Pink
Squad/Team Names: Supreme, Outstanding, Remarkable, Incredible

Spirit Elite | Colors: Red, White, and Blue
Squad/Team Names: Patriots, Independence, Freedom, Liberty, Justice

The Monarchs | Colors: Silver and Gold or Purple/Royal Blue
Squad/Team Names: Regal, Prestige, Paramount, Queens, Princesses, Aristocrats

Gym Cats | Colors: Brown, Orange, Tan, Black, White
Squad/Team Names: Panthers, Lions, Pumas, Jaguars, Leopards, Tigers

We Bring the Heat | Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow
Squad/Team Names: Flame, Burn, Blaze, Inferno, Fire

Underwater All-Stars | Blue, White, Sapphire, Tan
Squad/Team Names: Starfish, Stringrays, Dolphins, Sharks, Minnows

Storm Cheer | Colors: Light Blue, White, Grey
Squad/Team Names: Mist, Blizzard, Lightning, Wind, Tornado, Hurricane

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    • alizaya

      thank you very much i’m a cheerleader 2

    • jessica

      i would like to make my own cheerleading team and im the manager and i would need a outfit can u give me some ideas please xx

    • Adam Levine

      Hi Jessica,

      Happy New Year! While I’m no expert in cheerleading team themes, I hope some of the ones on this page have inspired you. Is there a color scheme you are considering? Or any particular themes you like? We can then have one of our t-shirt ambassadors mock something up for you.

    • michelle

      Me and my friends made a cheer team in my neiborhood our colors are blue and white the mascot is the sharks but everyone left exept my cousin nicole what do I do

    • anne

      hi.adam i am in a cheer leading squad and i need ideas for the shirts and skirt if u could assemble a out fit for 5 people that would be great! are team is called The All Stars so if u want u can contact me by email

      thanks anne

    • Alexandria

      I think your name should be about what you are like ambition,fierce,engage,intense,joy,and dare.if you are a collage or highschool team it should be about your school like bears,FMHS,BIg Red, and the do what you think is right and DO NOT NAME YOUR TEAM TROUBLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    • anne

      this is Anne and I love to cheer can someone come cheer with me

    • john smith

      so cool!….also ocan u email me some ideas for more names? And i like cheerleadin even thouhg i’m very tough and i want an outfit of pink and purple with a dolphin on it! plz email!

    • mae rose

      i loved the names 🙂

    • Adam Levine

      Thanks Mae. Any particular ones you liked?

    • Jordan swingle

      I started a group and called them the infernos!!!!!! Cause we make it hot!!!

    • kemonee

      I love cheerleading I have been asked

    • rachel

      i liked some of these but i have some reserved i just have no clue what to choose any suggedtions???

    • anika jennings xx

      i love my cheer team it is amazimg thankyou to jennie xxxxxxxx

    • angie

      Hey I am in a cheer team and we need a name I don’t know what name ? can u help me find a name please

    • angie

      I need a name

    • Irshadali

      Thanks for sharing this wonderful information on your blog.


    • Johnk765

      Very interesting topic, appreciate it for putting up. kdccebbeefek

    • Johnd684

      It’s a mammoth playground built of mountains, hills, lakes, eagbddedaeaa

    • Kenneth

      Hello, I just came across your site and I could definitely use some help coming up with a name for my cheer program. Please help!

    • Stephanie

      I love cheerleading and I do it every Friday’s

    • Alyssa

      I love cheerleading this is my favorite dancers and and other skills

    • Marissa

      Hi everyone. I recently started coaching an up and coming all star cheerleading squad. Our colors are red white and blue and the theme is america/patriotic. Any ideas for squad names

    • Huntter Croghan

      I will like to be on the team I am 11 years old.

    • Huntter Croghan

      Are 11 year olds a lound to join

    • Artavia Mouncil

      I’m current starting my own business for cheerleading /fundamental I need a name! I’m

    • Lissa Eckert

      Hi Artavia! We’d love to help—you’re welcome to use any of these team ideas! Or, if you’d like something more, send over a little of information specific to you or your location. 🙂

    • Kasey.annetts

      Hi it’s me Kasey Annetts and I need to find a team names for my cheerleader team

    • Lissa Eckert

      Hi Kasey! You can absolutely use one of the names we’ve already come up with, or, if you’d like to give me a few specifics about your team, I can come up with something unique!

    • Jun Kai

      Is any name related to green??

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