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27 Crawfish Boil Team Names

Posted By Kate Degen

Headed to a crawfish boil and need some custom gear for your group? We’ve got you covered! (No matter how messy you plan to get.) Whether you want t-shirts to wear at the event or custom koozies and accessories, personalized gear is sure to bring your crew together while you feast. Just choose your group name and colors and you’re ready to go! Need some inspiration? Check out our crawfish boil team names below. If you see something that you want to crack open, personalize t-shirts for your whole crew.

27 Crawfish Boil Team Names

    Tail Pinchers

    Crustacean Nation

    Mini Lobsters

    Boiling Over

    Seems Fishy

    In a Pinch


    Big Squeeze


    Bayou Babes

    Suck Heads

    Can’t Stop Crawin’

    Oh Boil Oh Boil

    Hot Pots

    Bodies on the Table

    Got Guts?

    Eyes and All

    Don’t be Shellfish

    No Plate Club

    Tails & Taters

    Hot Lips

    Slurp Squad


    Peeling Out

    Crazy for Creole

    That Fish Cray


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