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10 Benefits of Investing in Your Business With Custom Gear


How are you planning to invest in your business this year? 

Believe it or not, investing in custom apparel and accessories for your business is an excellent way to increase brand awareness, boost morale among your employees, further establish your brand personality, and much more. 

Custom gear isn’t just about having cool swag to show off at events and conferences—although it’s great for that too! Having custom apparel and accessories also means investing in employee happiness and brand visibility, which directly contribute to your business’s success. 

To help you see how valuable this business investment can be, we’ve compiled a list of 10 benefits of using custom gear for your business.     

  • Custom Gear is a Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of investing in custom gear is that it’s a cost-effective way to promote your business. Compared to other forms of marketing, custom gear continues to pay off over time as people continue to wear and use it. 

Custom gear is also a great alternative to digital marketing because it allows people to inquire and learn more about your business “in real life.” People can receive referrals and recommendations firsthand, which can go a long way. 

What’s more, buying custom gear in bulk is even more cost-effective. That’s why at Custom Ink, we help you save more when you buy more. The more items you order, the less you pay per item. 

  • Increase Brand Awareness

The more presence your brand has, the more it will get noticed. People who wear awesome custom gear with your logo are essentially walking, talking billboards for your business. 

People will always have an opportunity to ask your employees, clients, and customers about your company with an easy opening like, “Where did you get your shirt?” Or “Those are great headphones! Where did you get them?” 

We offer a wide selection of apparel, promotional products, and accessories, so you’ll always be able to find the perfect custom products for your company. Our large selection also ensures you can invest in your business confidently.

  • Bring Your Team Together

Think of investing in custom gear as investing in your team. Providing custom gear for your employees to wear inside and outside of work is an easy and effective way to foster feelings of belonging and community, which can boost employee morale. 

According to a 2022 Gallup poll, companies that “focus on employee well-being” had higher levels of employee engagement than those that didn’t. Show your employees that you value them and their hard work with custom gear that will bring them together. 

You might be wondering when or how to give custom gear to your team, so we’ll cover that below!  

  • Recognize Team Performance

In a study from Office Team, 66% of employees said they would quit if they were not feeling appreciated at work. Fortunately, giving custom gear is a great way to show your appreciation for a job well done. 

Perhaps a team member or department spearheaded a profitable or impactful project, took on extra work when necessary, or achieved a crucial goal for the company.  Any of these instances would be great opportunities to celebrate your employees, and they’ll be happier and more engaged knowing they’re appreciated for their work.

  • Create Fantastic Annual Gifts

Give your employees and clients something to celebrate with annual branded gifts and custom swag. If you host an end-of-year party or annual summer cookout, these are great opportunities to show your team and customers the appreciation they deserve. 

You can also commemorate events like these by making your design specific to the day. Or include an appreciative phrase like “Best team ever” or “My boss thinks I’m kind of a big deal.” It’s a chance to be creative! 

For inspiration, check out our post: 51 Corporate Gift Ideas for Clients and Employees

  • Enhance the Onboarding Process

Ensure your new hires feel included and at ease by giving them an onboarding gift when you make an offer or on their first day. This seemingly small act is hugely impactful on new hires, especially if they’re working remotely. Custom gear becomes a small business investment that goes a long way.  

At Custom Ink, we let new team members (Inkers) pick out their favorite color custom t-shirt with our Inky logo, a water tumbler, and a hat. Giving these gifts lets them know that we’re excited to have them on the team and immediately creates a sense of community and belonging. 

  • Strengthen Your Brand With Custom Uniforms

Having a fresh and polished employee uniform may be more impactful on your brand than you think. According to research conducted by YouGov Galaxy Australia for Cargo Crew, 93% of people believe stylish uniforms reflect well on a company. That’s quite the majority! 

Consider incorporating custom uniforms into your company to help employees feel polished and professional at work and make it easier for customers to identify who to ask for help.  

If your company already uses custom uniforms, updating them keeps your brand looking fresh and professional. Plus, your employees will always have fresh apparel to wear to work.     

  • Bring Custom Swag to Trade Shows and Conferences

Next time you’re at a trade show, conference, or event, bring along that custom swag to make a great impression on everyone you meet. Everyone loves free stuff, so why not indulge them by giving away some cool branded products? This strategy works, especially when you give people something they can actually use. 

Add your logo to custom products that will help you stand out, and include a discount code for their first service or purchase to really entice them. Custom Ink has a ton of custom products that are great for giveaways. 

You can choose small but practical items like pens and keychains or take a premium approach with tech accessories and backpacks. Whichever way you choose to impress your audience, having enough swag to go around is essential. 

  • Use Custom Gear for a Cause

The power of custom gear extends well beyond the business sector. If there’s a cause that your company loves to support, using custom apparel and accessories to endorse or rally around that cause is another way to boost your brand. An investment in your community can be an investment in your business. 

You can order custom shirts for your local fun run or charity event for everyone to wear on the big day. You can also use Custom Ink’s FREE fundraising platform to help both you and the organization you’re supporting get the help they need by selling custom t-shirts featuring your logo. It’s a win-win!  

  • Sell Custom Apparel at Your Business

One of the most popular ways to use custom apparel is to sell your branded shirts, hoodies, hats, and more to your customers. People love to represent the businesses they frequent (like gyms, yoga studios, bakeries, bars, boutiques, salons, and restaurants), and they’re often willing to pay for it. 

Especially if you create a unique and fun custom design for your branded apparel, people will love showing it off. If you’re not too experienced with designing a logo, we can help! Our Design Services team is ready to help you create the logo design of your dreams. 

Investing in custom apparel and accessories for your business has many benefits. From boosting team morale to increasing brand awareness, you’ll only just begin to unlock your business’s potential. How will you use custom apparel to invest in your company?

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