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35 Fundraiser Name Ideas

It feels good to give back–so make sure your fundraiser really shines with custom t-shirts, apparel, and promotional gear that encourages people to participate and donate. Whether you’re passionate about helping animals or are rallying for an educational program, custom gear is sure to make your fundraiser stand out. Need some inspiration for your fundraising or charity event? Check out our fundraiser name ideas below. If you see something that serves you, customize t-shirts for your whole group.

35 Fundraiser Name Ideas

    Give for Good

    Donation Nation

    More to Give

    Good Hearted

    Running for [SCHOOL]

    Giving Hands

    Sweat for Survival

    Give Back

    Support Those Who Serve

    Raise Spirits

    Wags to Riches

    Got Hope?

    To the Rescue!

    Bright Futures Education Fund

    Support for Tomorrow

    Giving is Living

    Baby Buy, Buy, Buy

    Better Homes for [NAME]

    Fight for a Cure

    [DISEASE] Awareness Tournament

    Generous Hearts

    Give a Little

    Warriors for [CAUSE]

    Action for Animals

    Charity for Literacy

    Coming Together for [CITY]

    Paws for the Cause

    Thank a Veteran

    Team [NAME]

    Funding Child Dreams

    Heart & Sole Fundraiser Walk

    Endless Pawsibilities

    Together We Fight

    Service for Strength

    Heart for the Arts

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