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34 Anime Club Slogans

Anime club
As anime becomes more popular so do the many awesome series and films that define it. Start your own anime club to get fellow enthusiasts together. Make your anime club even more exciting with custom anime club t-shirts—just add one of these fun anime club slogans!

34 Anime Club Slogans

    Is this an Anime Club?

    We love subs and dubs

    We’re over 9000 (episodes)

    From films to fandubs

    Simulcasting weekly

    Moe money, moe problems

    The world needs more desu

    Everything is better with subtitles

    Translator’s note: Keikaku means plan

    Not attempting human transmutation

    This is the club that shall pierce the heavens

    OPs, EDs, and everything in between

    Perfect hair forever

    We’ll take a potato chip, and eat it

    Issekai explorers

    We survived life in another world

    Now with 100% more ninja

    When’s the next Catbus?

    Longer hair equals more power

    No longer Paranormal Studies Club

    Senpai and Kohai together at last

    Filling out our MAL

    From action to slice-of-life

    Plus ultra!

    We’re all otaku here

    Foreign films and series

    What’s your special power?

    Superior animated series

    The only club that watches other clubs

    12 episodes at a time

    Waiting for the Sawano drop

    Attack on Anime

    Following the laws of equivalent exchange

    Making giant robots cool

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