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44 Group Names for Four Friends

Group of Four Friends

If three’s company then four must be a party, because when you get together with your closest companions, there’s nothing the four of you can’t do. Solidify your foursome’s friendship forever with these ideas for group names for four friends on custom t-shirts, accessories, and more. You just may find your friends growing closer than ever be-four.

44 Group Names For Four Friends

    Fantastic Four

    Four Amigos

    Quatro Compadres

    Friends 4 Ever

    Two Times Two’s Company

    Four Squares

    Fearsome Foursome

    Four Score and 7 Years (as friends)


    Four Fathers


    Four Horseman

    Oh My Quad!

    Fourth Quarter Comebacks

    Quad Given Talents

    Four Quarters

    Quad Squad

    Four Suits

    Final Four

    Four Fine Friends

    Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind

    Four Wheelers

    Square Squad

    Four of a Kind

    Two Pairs

    Four-Leaf Clovers

    Quad on the Quad

    Four Seasons

    Compass Crew (North, East, South, West)

    Four Windbags

    Quad Crew

    Four Legged Friends

    Rolling 4d4

    Four-Way Intersection

    Friend Four-mation

    Four-ever Young

    F4st Friends

    Four Tired Friends

    Tetra Team

    Fourth Wall Friends

    Three and a Fourth Men

    Four-ce = m X a

    Delta Team

    Four-ced Together

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