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32 Sewing Clubs Names

A sewing club wearing matching custom t-shirts.

Ready, set, sew! Grab your needles and thread and create new connections with your friends with a sewing club that really shines. Start with some simple stitching or go crazy with a quilt. However your friends find the thread that connect them, make your get-togethers more exciting with custom t-shirts featuring these fun sewing club names (and maybe a little embroidery).

32 Sewing Clubs Names

Connecting Threads

What’s the Stitch?

Look Sew Good

All Stitched Up

Eye of the Needle

Seamless Transition

Poolside Thread

Not So Old Maids

Quick Stitch

Nimble Thimbles

Thumbs and Thimbles

Pointed Questions

Survivor’s Quilt

A Discovery of Stitches

Sew What?

No Loose Threads

Serious Stitching

Spool Kids


Bobbins for Apples

Stitches Brew

Lilo and Stitches

Put a Pin in It

Keep it Thimble

Snitches Get Stitches

Follow the Thread

Sewcial Club

Pop a Stitch

Secret Spiders


Living with Quilt

Pins and Needles

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