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33 Dadchelor Party Slogans & Sayings

A group of men celebrate together in their matching custom t-shirts at a pool.

Let’s face it, baby showers are for the women. We’re not saying they’re not well deserved, your lucky lady puts in the time day and night, for nine long months. After carrying your future child for that long, she deserves a celebration in preparation for the due date. Having your first kid (or second, or third, or any number really) is a big change for both proud parents, and we think it’s time to also celebrate the soon-to-be fathers who are potentially freaking out just a little bit. So whether your bud is terrified or excited for the big day, celebrate the man who helped make this moment happen with a Dadchelor party, complete with custom t-shirts and these funny Dadchelor party slogans & sayings.

33 Dadchelor Party Slogans & Sayings

Dad’s last day out

Ditching diaper duties

This one’s for the boys

From boys to men to dads

The end of an era

Dawn of the final month

Start running, baby’s coming

The bun’s almost done

Counting down the days

Call me daddy

Begin the baby proofing

I read the baby books

Birth is the beginning

Nine months served

Not a another teen parent

Forget showers, we’re having a hurricane

Don’t get me gifts, get me out of here!

Hitting the baby bottle

New dad support group

Caught in the parent trap

Responsibility is manly

Father of the year

Baby makes three

Who’s your daddy?

There goes my hair

Living the dad life

Father time

Meet the parents

Baby bottles with the boys

Diaper dudes

Welcome to the crib

Up all night

Father in training

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