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30 Company Olympics Slogans and Sayings

Company Olympics slogans and sayings

Unite your entire office with a teambuilding exercise for the ages. Company Olympics are a great way to get your whole crew together for some lighthearted competitive fun that lets everyone show off their team spirit in a brand new way. Add even more fun to the mix with custom t-shirts and masks for all your various teams and check out these Company Olympics slogans and sayings to make the event complete.

30 Company Olympics Slogans and Sayings

Clocking in for the win

Champions of the cubicle

Doing our department proud

Faster projects, higher output, stronger numbers

Beats being in meetings all day

The only time we beat the boss

Time to race rolly chairs

One office, one dream

Talent wins games, teamwork wins championships

Five rings, one office

Citius, altius, fortius

Prepare your pencils

Ride on, desk jockeys!

Synergy in motion

The ultimate team-building competition

Go for the gold

OOO – Office Olympics Outing

Work hard, win hard

All events fueled by coffee

Reply all to victory

On your marks, get set, work!

Timestamp your victory

Email me the baton

From the opening ceremony to the end of the workday

Don’t put this on my performance review

Go out there and break some lead!

Punch in for the podium

Master of ceremonies, scheduler of meetings

Light the coffee pot

Fly that workforce flag

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