Pro Fundraising Tips – Getting Started

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You have come to the perfect place to raise money and awareness for the people and causes you care about. Our mission at Booster is to make the process of designing, selling, and fundraising simple and easy from start to finish and help you raise the maximum profit for your cause. Whether it’s for a non-profit, a friend in need, a local animal shelter, or anything in between, we are here to take all the pressure off of you and help make your campaign a success!

Tips & Tricks

Booster is completely free to set up and easy to use, so getting started is a breeze! There are a few things to keep in mind when thinking about setting up your booster:

  •  Be thorough

Be sure to be thinking about what you want to convey to your supporters throughout your campaign. From your shirt design to your story and overall page layout, you’ll want to make sure to think about what you want people to see and understand about your cause when they look at your page at a glance, and when they take a closer look. Don’t feel like you need to hurry through the setup process and get your booster out as quickly as possible. The more thought you put into your booster page, the more success you’ll likely have!

Some questions to ask yourself as you’re completing each step:

  • What do I want people to think, see, and feel when they look at my shirt design?
  • How can I pull people in and make them understand my story?
  • How can I add personalized touches to my booster page?
  •  Don’t rush

Don’t get overwhelmed by any single step during the setup process. There’s a lot to think about when you’re setting up your booster, and you’ll want to make sure each section is complete. If you need to stop and think about the design, story, or any other step, save your booster as a draft and come back to it later! There is absolutely no rush to launch your booster, and everything is saved under your account, so make sure it’s just the way you want it before you make it live.

  •    Be prepared to get personal

The more personal you make your story, the more likely people will relate to you, understand why you’re raising money and awareness for your cause, and want to help you reach your goal. Be sure to explain what you’re raising money for and why you’re passionate about it!

  •    Filling in the blanks

A few other things to keep in mind while you’re setting up your campaign:

What’s my timeline?

Think about how long you’ll need to run this campaign, promote it to your supporters, and sell enough shirts to reach your print minimum. We’ve seen our most successful boosters run anywhere from 2-4 weeks. This will allow enough time to promote your campaign and give your supporters enough time to support the booster, but will be short enough to get the shirts out quickly to your supporters. Keep in mind that shirts are usually delivered about 12 working days after a booster closes, so if you have a tight deadline, or an event date you’d like to have the shirts in time for, you’ll need to leave enough time between the end of your booster and your event date.


What’s my goal?

How much money do you want to raise? How many people do you think you’ll be able to reach, and how many of those people do you think will buy a shirt from your booster? Your goal is a motivating factor for you and your supporters, and can be changed throughout the campaign as you reach certain milestones. Make sure your goal is reasonable, but aggressive.

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