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32 Donut Shop Names

Donuts (or doughnuts, take your pick), those delicious fried bits of leavened dough, have been ruining people’s diets since the 15th century. Found around the world in a variety of shapes and styles, such as in the iconic ring-style, cream-filled, or even as the ‘donut-hole’ nut shape, donuts have always been a popular treat even beyond breakfast time. If you’ve decided to make some dough in the donut business and have a shop of your own, custom apparel can help catch the attention of would-be donut eaters, especially if your store has a fun name like the ones below!

32 Donut Shop Names

Glazed and Confused

Holy Donut

Donut Stop Believing

Rollin’ in Doughnuts

Donuttin’ but Trouble

Donut Hole-in-One

The Yeast Beast

Cream-filled Donut Dreams

The Good Ol’ Glaze

The Baker’s Dozen

Love and Yeast

A Little Bit of Fried Heaven

Donut You Forget About Me

So Many Sprinkles

Sprinkle Sprinkle Donut Star

Deep Fried Love

The Donut Hole

Dreamy Donuts

Go Go Donut

Just Donut

Glaze It

Donut Daddy

Nothing But Donuts

Donuts ‘R’ Us

Donut King

The Hole Donut

The Tasty Torus

Oh Dough!

A Sprinkle in Time

Nuts for Donuts

Beauty and the Yeast

Yeast of Mind


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