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Funny Flip Cup Team Names for Team Shirts

Posted By Adam Levine

flip cup team names photoWhether you are participating in a flip cup tournament, play on a kickball/flip-cup team, or are just having a party where cups will be flipped, a unique team name can help you stand out and have more fun. So check out our list of creative and funny flip cup team names to stick on custom tee shirts and tank tops.

Funny Flip Cup Team Names for Team Shirts

    Flip Cup For What?!

    Cruisin’ for a Boozin

    Flipper? I don’t even know her!

    Cuptastic Crusaders

    I’d Flip That!

    Brews on First

    Solo® Cup All Stars

    Flippin’ Not Trippin’

    Lady and the Champs

    Sipper Flippers

    Sorry for Partying

    Dunder Flipplin

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