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How To Brand Your Tech Company

When it comes to your business, branding is everything. It’s the reflection of what your company does, your mission, your brand personality, and is what ultimately helps your customers trust and connect with you. Whether you’re starting out as a small tech business or are looking to rebrand your established company, there are some simple steps you can take to build your brand.

And since working in tech is all the rage nowadays, why not show off your company pride with custom gear? It’s easy to customize t-shirts, hoodies, or even tech accessories for your staff or new hires. They’ll love being able to represent their work—and the free swag doesn’t hurt, either. While a t-shirt is always coveted, it’s the perfect classic swag item for casual tech work environments. But we also love some gear that will help boost productivity, like bluetooth headphones for helping employees focus, or battery packs to recharge while testing out your latest app. Below are our branding tips for your business, along with some of our favorite gear and designs for tech companies.

Are you scratching your head about your logo or company name? We’re here to help! There’s lots of great ways to name your tech business. If you want to keep it simple, take your name or a your group’s name and add a modifier to the end, some of our favorites are:

-ster – Smithster
-oid – Smithoid –
-nr – Smithnr

Or, if you have a name you love but it’s taken or super common, switch up the spelling to make it your own. Take out the vowels, or just one letter to make it one of a kind, like “Smth” or “Smithstr.”

When coming up with a business name, think about who you are as a company and what your brand personality might be. Are you inspiring and authoritative, but also fun? Use these traits to inspire your business name, your colors, and your brand voice–such as using an authoritative voice in all your copy, but balancing it with fun, bright brand colors. Is your brand regal, best-in-class, and serious? Use strong and powerful colors like purple, and use your expertise to guide your copy and brand assets.

Once you’ve figured out your company name, logo, and colors (or even if you need a little more help) Custom Ink has everything you need to get started. If you have a specific brand color or logo that you want to use, we can help you color match it to a Pantone color. Our experts will go over your design with you and help you choose the best color for your needs. You can bring your idea to life in our design lab–which gives you access to a library of unique and modern fonts, as well as thousands of pieces of art to get you started. It’s also easy to upload your own logo onto your gear.

If you need some advice on a design, our Custom Creations team is excited to help you out. Our artists will transform your concept into a masterpiece tailored to your company’s budget and style. You can share some image examples, your logo, or just tell us your thoughts–we’ll take your ideas and create something custom. This is the perfect service to make the launch of your company into the big deal it deserves to be with memorable gear! Custom Creations offers different packages depending on how much help you need, but all include a design consultation and the creation of one custom graphic with varying levels of detail. Learn more about our Custom Creations here.


A t-shirt is a simple but oh-so-usable swag item for your company. New employees and vets will love a tee with your crisp logo on the front. Shirts are also perfect for company outings, tech conferences, or gifts for clients. We have lots of great brands and styles, but we think the Bella + Canvas Tri-Blend T-shirt is the perfect shirt for your techy group. It has a trendier fit than traditional tees and the tri-blend material makes it super soft and smooth.


Tees are great, but hoodies are perfect for offices with an overzealous AC. A soft, customized sweatshirt is great for keeping at your desk or for commuting. It has the perfect casual tech vibe and takes your apparel game up a notch. The Next Level Soft Pullover Hoodie is so soft that your crew will never want to take it off. The heathered colors make for a trendy look, and we love that each hand gets its own pocket!

Coffee mugs

Whether they’re hacking away or connecting with users, your employees will need to fuel up. Custom coffee mugs are perfect to keep at their desks or even by the coffee station in the office. Stylish 14oz Ceramic Two Tone Mugs will make that locally roasted brew taste even better. The white exterior will make your logo pop, and you can match your company colors to the inside.

Power banks

Techies are always on their phone, so your employees will love custom battery packs to keep them powered up all day long. The Edge 2000 mAh Power Bank is sleek and has a 2000 mAh rechargeable lithium ion Grade A battery. This nifty little device is perfect for taking to meetings or for throwing in your bag on the way to a tech conference.

PopSocket® & mount

Sometimes employees love a trendy and with-the-times piece of swag. And right now? That’s a PopSocket®! There’s so many styles and designs out there to choose from, but we’re sure your staff will love being able to represent their favorite company on their phone! Not only are PopSockets® perfects for holding phones while app testing, but they make it easy to review work on your phones or tablets. Our Full Color PopSockets® come in tons of great colors to match your brand and brighten up anyone’s device.

Bluetooth headphones

Sometimes you need to focus, and that can be difficult in an office–especially an open office. Help your employees focus with custom bluetooth headphones! They’ll love these all day at work and even afterwards at the gym or at home. Customize the cool clear case of the Color Pop Bluetooth Earbuds. Not only do these babies work from 33 feet away, but they come in fun colors, have built-in music control, and a mic!

Tell us about your tech company in the comments below. Let us know about your favorite swag item, your business colors, and more!

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