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26 Funny English Teacher Quotes

To customize tees, or not to customize tees, that is the question. But not really, because tees are always the answer! At Custom Ink, we have tons of t-shirts, hats, school gear, and more for your English teacher group. Whether you’re running English club or want to personalize something special for your AP English class, we’ve got something for everyone. Looking for some inspo? Check out our funny English teacher quotes below. If something seems like a great first draft, personalize t-shirts for your whole group.

26 Funny English Teacher Quotes

    Keep calm and read on.

    Be sure to read the room.

    We’re word nerds!

    Homer is where the heart is.

    I’m Thoreau in my grading.

    There, their, they’re…work hard and you’ll pass!

    I’m always write.

    English teachers are lit!

    Drive me Wilde.

    You comma here often?

    Woolf, there it is.

    The book is always better.

    This class is in-tense.

    When in doubt, revise.

    Metaphors be with you.


    I put the “lit” in literature.

    That’s what I’m Tolkein about.

    The bell just rang, run on!

    I can be a little possessive.

    Need Eyre to breathe.

    Be-clause I said so!

    Don’t let your punctuation feel out of place.

    Book smart is the best smart.

    Edit or regret it.

    Cool story, Poe.

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