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27 Thanksgiving Slogans & Sayings

Posted By Kate Degen

Thanksgiving slogans

There’s nothing better than gathering around the table for turkey, potatoes, and all the other foods and family traditions Thanksgiving brings. Help yourself to an extra serving of your favorite dish, and do it in style with custom t-shirts, hoodies, face masks, and more from Custom Ink! Your family will have so much fun in your matching (and might we say comfy?) outfits for your feast. Need some inspiration? Check out our Thanksgiving slogans & sayings below. If you see something that’s as sweet as pie, customize t-shirts for your whole crew.

27 Thanksgiving Slogans & Sayings

    Give thanks, eat food.

    Gonna gobble til’ we wobble.

    I’m all about that baste.

    Gonna strut our stuffin’.

    Pour some gravy on me.

    Today, yoga pants are the only pants.

    Working towards that food coma.

    There’s always room for seconds.

    Crazy for casseroles.

    Ready to feast like a beast.

    Oh my gourd.

    Good food, good meat, good God, let’s eat.

    There’s always something to be thankful for.

    Gratitude. Love. Family.

    Say grace, eat gravy.

    I came for the football and drumsticks.

    The food makes up for the crazy family.

    Too hot to trot.

    Feeling (cranberry) saucey.

    Turkey & gravy & potatoes & pie & family.

    About to get basted.

    I want a piece of the pie.

    A-maized by you.

    Fueling for Black Friday.

    Baby pie, pie, pie.

    Nice legs.

    Talk turkey to me.

Kate wants her work to impact the little but important moments in people’s lives—like birthdays, anniversaries, and family celebrations. She loves coming up with witty copy that might inspire someone to create an awesome t-shirt!

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