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22 ALS Walk Slogans and Sayings

Family in matching shirts at an ALS Awareness WalkAmyotrophic Lateral Scelrosis (ALS) is a debilitating neurodegenerative disease that leads to the loss of muscle use in one’s body. Also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease named for the baseball player who brought it to national attention in 1939, there are no known cures for ALS. While people diagnosed with ALS have a 10% chance of surviving for longer than ten years, the average rate of survival is from two to four years from the date of diagnosis. There are still many unknowns with how ALS affects the body, and raising awareness for ALS research and care is important to consider. If you are planning on attending an ALS Awareness walk, bring attention to your cause and design a custom shirt or hoodie today!

ALS Walk Slogans and Sayings

Walking for those that can’t

Never give up hope in the fight against ALS

In it to find a cure for ALS

We lose so much with ALS — but we don’t lose hope

Getting aggressive against ALS — Find a cure now!

Taking strides against ALS

Speaking up for those that no longer can

We’re here to find a cure for ALS

Every step counts in the race towards a cure for ALS

Hitting the street with our feet to defeat ALS

Let’s lose Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Pounding the pavement to pound ALS

Someone I love has ALS, and I’m here to fight with them!

Kicking ALS in the A**

Advancing action against ALS

We walk to remember those we’ve lost to ALS and to help those still fighting

ALS, Lou Gehrig’s Disease — Whatever you call it, we’re here to quash it!

Walking to unlock ALS and find a cure

ALS won’t go away on its own. We’re here to help!

Walk to find a cure. Walk to honor a loved one. Walk to raise awareness. Walk to help end ALS.

ALS is a difficult fight, but we’re here to help

Even the smallest step can lead to something big in the fight to end ALS


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