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25 Camp Slogans

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Ready to experience something new? Whether it’s a camp that lets you explore nature and the outdoor world, or a camp that focuses on one particular activity like painting or theater, there are options for everyone. And while each camp is different, memorable experiences and new friendships are almost guaranteed. To celebrate your camp, create a custom t-shirt, hoodie, or water bottle with one of these great slogans!

25 Camp Slogans

More than s’mores

New friends, new memories, new life skills

Not just your average summer camp!

Yes we camp!

Camp or bust

Why vacation when you can go to camp?

Summer break is made for camp

Camp like you mean it

For when you need a little adventure in your life

Friends, fire, first-aid kits

The great outdoors never felt so good

Live your best life under the sun and stars

Explore, learn, experience

It’s not a chore to go outdoors

Find adventure

Who needs sleep when you have camp?

Get a stamp in your memory passport and go camp!

Make friends that last a lifetime at camp

Camp is my jam!

Tune out the real world and experience camp life

Building fires, making friends, experiencing nature

Get in touch with your wild(erness) side

Everything I know I learned at camp

You’re never too old for camp

There’s never enough nature



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