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XXVIII Latin Team Names

A Latin club shows off their custom t-shirts at a Latin Convention.

Rome might have fallen, but it’s language lives on. While Latin is no longer spoken, this ancient language forms the basis for many of the modern languages we speak today, including Italian, Spanish, and even French. There’s even a bit of Latin used in some of the spells in Harry Potter (though let’s be clear, most of them are not proper Latin). Celebrate the greatest empire of all time and the language of it’s people with your fellow Latin club members with these awesome Latin Team Names on custom t-shirts and more.

XXVIII Latin Team Names

Roads to Rome

Per Aspera Ad Astra

Plus Ultra

Divide et Impera

Carpe DM

Not Dead Yet

Great Caesar’s Ghost!

The Ides of March


Deus Irae

The Whole Pantheon

Romeward Bound

Singular Us

Team VW

Deus Ex Machina

Caveat Emptor

Bona Fide Hustlers

The Plural I

Expanding Empires

Aqua Ducks


Caesar Dressing

The Great Thinkers

Praetorian Guard

Deus Vult

Romani Ite Domum

Carpe Vinum

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