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23 Fun 5K Team Names

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Are you participating in a 5K and looking for a team name? We’ve come up with a list of fun and motivating 5K team names that are sure to unite your running group to keep pace together. Check them out below!

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23 Fun 5K Team Names


    Carb Loaders

    Probably Gonna Walk

    Sprint Squad

    The Fast & Delirious

    Run 4 Fun

    The Young & The Breathless

    Sole Mates

    All About that Pace

    What’s that in Miles?

    The Dreadmills

    A Running Joke

    Dart & Dash

    Pumped Up Kicks

    Run, Run, Go Away

    Where’s the Finish?

    Holy Fit

    Speed Bumps

    Worst Pace Scenario

    5K All Day

    The Bolts

    Gallop Gang

    World’s Okayest Runners

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