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Funny Pub Crawl Team Names

Posted By Adam Levine

bar crawl team names photo cheersReady to hit the streets and join your friends on a bar crawl? Before you head out, make sure you have a great team name! We here at CustomInk have compiled a list of some of our favorite pub/bar crawl team names just for you. Feel free to pick one and then if you need customized bar crawl t-shirts or sweatshirts consider us for your group!

13 Fun & Creative Bar Crawl Team Names

    Chugg Norris

    Blarney Crew

    The Brewsual Suspects

    Hakuna Some Vodka

    Tequila Travelers

    The Walking Drunk

    The Hot Mess Express

    99 Bottles


    Lit City


    Let’s get ready to stumble!

    Thirsty Thirty

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