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30 Creative & Just Plain Silly Animal Team Names

Posted By Adam Levine

Animal Team Names PhotoNeed a silly or creative animal team name for your intramural, rec, or youth sports team? We’ve compiled a list of some truly clever ones just for you, most of which use a hefty dose of alliteration and lots of goofiness. Feel free to add your favorite to team jerseys or custom uniforms you can create here at Customink!

Funny and Creative Animal Team Names (A-Z)

    The Audacious Alpacas

    Balls to the Narwhal

    The Bearistas

    The Blobfish

    Cheeky Cheetahs

    The Chicken Turtles

    The Cobra Kais

    Disruptive Donkeys

    Electric Elephants

    Funky Monkeys

    Goofy Geese

    Honey Badgers

    The Husky Hedgehogs

    Irrational Ibex

    Jumping Jellyfish

    Kicking Kangaroos

    Lazy Lobsters

    Magnificent Manatees

    Nasty Narwhals

    Omniscient Octopi

    Purple Pandas

    Ridiculous Reindeer

    Salty Scorpions

    Screaming Hairy Armadillos

    Tasseled Wobbegon

    The Tired Turtles

    Vicious Vipers

    Winking Weasels

    Yipping Yaks

    Zany Zebras

Got one of your own animal team names? Share it with us in the comments section!

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