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27 Fire Academy Mottos

Fire academy mottos

If you’re off to the fire academy to start your training, unite your class custom t-shirts, tanks, and more! Whether you’re putting out flames or learning the ins and outs of EMT, we’re sure your favorite memories will be going through it with your fellow firefighters. Here at Custom Ink, we can help you create the perfect custom apparel to wear through training and long after you’ve left the academy. Need some inspiration? Check out our fire academy mottos below. If you see something that lights a fire, personalize t-shirts for your whole group, and your instructors, too!

27 Fire Academy Mottos

    Protecting property, protecting lives.

    We’re hot.

    We didn’t start the fire.

    First responder: a duty and an honor.

    Feel the spark.

    Don’t make me hose you down.

    We’ve got a burning need to help.

    Fight fire with fire.

    Cat in tree experts.

    You light it, we fight it.

    That’s smokin’.

    Sound the alarms!

    Everyone comes home.

    All fired up.

    On the scene.

    Just some smoke shows.

    Great balls of fire.

    Is it hot in here or are you just happy to see us?

    Distinguished extinguishers.

    Playing with fire.

    Your emergency is our duty.

    There’s a fire in our eyes.

    Where’s the fire?

    We can handle any alarm.

    Firefighters: because even cops need heroes.

    We run in when everyone else runs out.

    Bravery for our community.

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