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Popular US Air Force Slogans, Sayings and Mottos

Posted By Adam Levine

July 4th is just around the corner, so to wrap up our series of military slogans and sayings, below is our list for the Air Force. They are always a great addition to a shirt when you’re customizing one for your wing or airmen group, or if a friend or family member is deployed and you want to send them a gift. After you find a motto or slogan you like, check out some of our favorite products for military to get started.

U.S. Air Force Mottos

    “Aim High… Fly-Fight-Win”
    -U.S. Air Force Official Motto

    “Uno Ab Alto” – “One Over All”
    -U.S. Air Force Unofficial Motto

    “No One Comes Close”
    -U.S. Air Force Unofficial Motto

Recruiting Slogans

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    • cathy owen

      Hello, your site was very helpful…..but…… my son is in the air force, I am making a personalized gift with his name, rank and motto on it. Is the 2013 motto AIM HIGH…FLY-FIGHT-WIN ? or is it just AIM HIGH?
      Or maybe? NO ONE COMES CLOSE? I know that I will be corrected no matter what. Thank you

    • Adam Levine


      I think you could do either. I found in my research that the short version is just Aim High, and is actually an older Air Force slogan. The new mottos just tacks on “… Fly Fight Win”.

      See this article in the Air Force Times:

    • deepankar gautam

      nice slogans

    • Phillip Coffey

      Sgt. Mike says, “Beware, the third ear is listening.”

    • Mark Edwards

      “Peace is our Profession”

      -Air Force Strategic Air Command (SAC) Motto

      90th SMW, 90th SPG, 90th SPS, 4th Air Division, 15th Air Force,. Motto was often followed by the irreverent,

      “Peace is our Profession”.. war is just a hobby.

    • Mark Edwards

      many of these are after my time, like

      “Defensor Fortis” – “Defenders of the Force”

      -U.S. Air Force Security Forces”.

      We wore our Command crests on our berets. SAC, TAC, MAC.. I was Honorably Discharged in 82, long time ago.. served 2 years, 4 months, training accident blew out most of my hearing, no longer combat effective.

      no regrets, not one, I got to serve, and this nation, families, friends were all worth it.

    • Gary Zachow

      Any idea what the AF slogan was during the Korean War?

    • JIM


    • Thomas Dunn

      REFULERS. NKAWTG. Now kick a·· with the gas.

    • Jeffery G Scism

      super omnia praeclara

    • John

      What is C.E.’ s motto?

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