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22 Cleaning Business & Maid Service Slogans

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Need a catchy slogan for your cleaning business or maid service? We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites, both from customer orders and a handful we’ve come up with on our own! They’re a great addition to staff shirts and polo shirts. If you see something spotless, add it to your personalized gear!

Catchy Cleaning & Maid Service Slogans

    Don’t stress. We’ll handle the mess.

    A clean house is a happy one.

    We create the perfect shine. Every time!

    Cleaning your worries away.

    One call. No mess is too small.

    Your mess is our mission.

    We’re your key to clean.

    Life is messy. Clean it up!

    We will make your place sparkle.

    We are the spirit of clean.

    You have better things to do.

    Mo messes mo problems.

    We’re neat freaks.

    Simply spotless!

    Consider it clean.

    Call the scrub squad.

    We’ll sweep you off your feet.

    Got dirt?

    Dust busters.

    We mean clean!

    Call me Cinderella!

    Maid for you.

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  • JR Smith

    My company is Royal Pane Window Cleaning. I was thinking of something pertaining to “your home is your castle. We help keep it beautiful”. But that’s too wordy and boring.

  • Lissa Eckert

    Hey JR! How about “A Clean the Crown Counts On” or “Every Customer Gets the Royal Treatment”?

  • JR

    How about, “Experience the clean that’s fit for a king”?

  • Paul

    Hi, any help would be appreciated. I have a window cleaning business called Proclean4u any suggestions on a slogan ? Thanks in advance Paul

  • Lissa Eckert

    Hi Paul! How about “A Clean You Can’t Even See”?

  • Tanneshia

    Hi, I just started a cleaning service called “Michigan’s Best Cleaning service”. House and commercial cleaning. Any idea on a slogan ? Please help!

  • Lissa Eckert

    Hi Tanneshia! How about, “Place Your Bets on the Best—Michigan’s Best”?

  • Monica Letebele

    Hello everyone do we have to pay for using these slogans?

  • Lissa Eckert

    Hi Monica! They’re completely free for you to use! 🙂

  • Ebony Griner

    Hello I have a cleaning business RagtimeMaids looking for help with the slogan commercial and residential thanks

  • Lissa Eckert

    Hi Ebony! We’d love to help with a slogan for your business. Here are some ideas:

    RagtimeMaids — Because Cleaning Should be a Cakewalk
    RagtimeMaids — Cleaning is Always a Cakewalk with Us!

  • Shayla Smith

    Hello My company name is Shayla’s Cleaning LLC. Any suggestions on a slogan? Please & Thank You

  • Lissa Eckert

    Hi Shayla! What about something like, “Spotless – The Shayla Promise” or “Shayla’s got that Scour Power!”

  • Lisa A Rice

    My company is Cleaner Image LLC…


  • Lissa Eckert

    Hi Lisa! How about one of these:

    – Squeaky clean — guaranteed!
    – A clean that can be seen!
    – We clean so you get back to the important things.

  • Monica

    I’m starting my cleaning service and I need a catchy slogan?? It’s called “MAE’s cleaning service”.. we doing it all

  • Lissa Eckert

    Hi Monica! Congratulations on starting your cleaning service! Here are some slogans to get you started:

    * Clean MAEchine
    * MAE Keeps the Dirt Away

  • Bethany

    I need a slogan for Above and Beyond Cleaning Services please.

  • Lissa Eckert

    Hi Bethany! We’d love to help. Here are some suggestions:

    * Infinitely Cleaner, and Beyond!
    * The Team that KNOWS Clean
    * Sparkling clean is what we do, every time

  • Nicole Battle

    Hello..i have a commercial cleaning service called Elocin Enterprise. I’ve tried to come up with a slogan..please help..thank you

  • angelica

    Hi, I just open a commercial cleaning business. I am in urgent need of slogan, can you please help me? my company name is Core facility solutions

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