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155 Cleaning Service Slogans That Shine

A graphic showing various custom apparel and accessories: a tank top that reads “Bitter Sweep Symphony”; a t-shirt that reads “Pristine Pros Services / Fairfax County”; a zip-up hoodie that reads “We’re Your Key to Clean / Your Company Here”; a water bottle that reads “G.S.I.: Grime Scene Investigation”; and a baseball hat that reads “Immaculate Interiors.”

Need a catchy slogan for your cleaning business or maid service? We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites, both from customer orders and a handful we’ve come up with on our own! They’re a great addition to custom staff shirts, polo shirts, water bottles, travel mugs, and bags. If you see something spotless, add it to your personalized gear!

Cleaning Slogans

Catchy Cleaning Business Names

Funny Cleaning Slogans

Cleaning Service Names and Slogans

Housekeeping Slogans

Cleaning Slogans 

  1. Don’t stress—we’ll handle the mess
  2. A clean house is a happy one 
  3. We create the perfect shine every time! 
  4. Cleaning your worries away
  5. One call. No mess is too small.
  6. Your mess is our mission
  7. We’re your key to clean
  8. Life is messy. Clean it up!
  9. We will make your place sparkle
  10. We are the spirit of clean
  11. Dustbusters
  12. The clean you’ve always dreamed
  13. Where clean meets green
  14. Feel the freshness
  15. Leave the dirt to us
  16. Cleaning with meaning
  17. Spick and span is our game plan
  18. We sweep while you sleep 
  19. Your clean dream team
  20. Cleaning for your peace of mind
  21. Your cleanliness is our business
  22. A clean place is a safe space 
  23. Experience a cleaner clean 
  24. Dirt disappears here 
  25. Breathe easy—we clean deeply
  26. Quality cleaning, every time
  27. Your dust-busting heroes 
  28. The cleaners who care
  29. Washed, wiped, and wonderful
  30. Big or small, we clean it all! 
  31. We won’t miss a spot! 

Catchy Cleaning Business Names

  1. Clean Sweep 
  2. Dust Busters
  3. Gleam and Glitter
  4. Spotless Spaces
  5. Maid Marvels
  6. Broom Bliss
  7. Pristine Pros
  8. Masters of Polish
  9. Dirt Doctors
  10. Grime Gurus
  11. Radiant Results
  12. Mop Magic
  13. Clean Commanders
  14. Dazzling Dusters
  15. Sweep Sorcerers
  16. Miracle Maids
  17. Gleaming Glory
  18. Scrub-a-Dub Club
  19. Grime Busters
  20. Crystal Clear Cleaners
  21. Immaculate Interiors
  22. Dirt Demolishers
  23. Bitter Sweep Symphony
  24. Spick ‘n Span Squad
  25. Brilliance Broombusters
  26. Purity Pioneers
  27. Duster Divas
  28. Sparkle Squad
  29. Polish Pioneers
  30. Dazzling Dusters
  31. Neat Navigators

Funny Cleaning Slogans 

  1. Because you have better things to do.
  2. Mo’ messes, mo’ problems.
  3. We’re neat freaks.
  4. Simply spotless
  5. Consider it clean.
  6. Call the scrub squad.
  7. We’ll sweep you off your feet.
  8. Got dirt?
  9. We mean clean!
  10. Call me Cinderella!
  11. Maid for you.
  12. We do the dirty work!
  13. In clean, we trust 
  14. We’ve got a lust for dust! 
  15. Your mop stop
  16. Give us the dirt. 
  17. Your mess is our project
  18. We fight dirty
  19. Initiating Operation: Spotless
  20. We’re ready to clean up your act
  21. Life is messy. Clean it up! 
  22. We clean. You lean. 
  23. Even your dirty will say, “Wow.” 
  24. Kiss my broom 
  25. Dirt’s worst nightmare
  26. Dirt’s worst enemy and your best friend
  27. We won’t sweep under the rug
  28. We’re maid for this
  29. We’ll help you come clean 
  30. Ain’t no mess we can’t address
  31. We don’t cut corners—we clean them!

cleaning business staff photo

Cleaning Service Names and Slogans 

  1. We love the jobs you hate
  2. GSI: Grime Scene Investigation
  3. We’re a lean, mean cleaning machine
  4. See the world through clean windows
  5. No dust left behind
  6. Broom Service
  7. Leave your cleaning worries to us
  8. Because every home is a castle
  9. Your parents would approve
  10. Our reputation is spotless
  11. Your key to clean
  12. The Sparkle Specialists 
  13. A clean home is a healthy home
  14. Dirty Business
  15. Freshness Force
  16. Clean Connoisseurs
  17. Stain Slayers
  18. Sanitation Superstars
  19. Wipe Warriors
  20. Dirt Destroyers
  21. Clean Crusaders
  22. The Spritz Squad
  23. Don’t stress—we’ll take care of the mess! 
  24. Mess Relief
  25. Say No to the Mess
  26. The Mess Men
  27. Mess? I don’t know her 
  28. The House of Mess
  29. Devil in a New Mess
  30. Beat The Mess Test
  31. Once Upon a Grime

Housekeeping Slogans 

  1. Spiffy in a jiffy
  2. Say goodbye to grime
  3. You rest while we clean up the mess.
  4. It’s anybody’s mess 
  5. Housekeeping is home-keeping. 
  6. A clean home is a happy home. 
  7. Experience the joy of a clean home
  8. We do more than housekeeping—we maintain happiness. 
  9. We create fresh spaces.
  10. Home sweet squeaky clean home
  11. Tidy house. Tidy mind. 
  12. Bringing shine to your sanctuary
  13. Where cleanliness and comfort meet 
  14. Peace of mind, one room at a time
  15. Leave the housekeeping to us. You’ve earned the rest.
  16. Your mess is our masterpiece.
  17. We do the chores. You live your life. 
  18. We make homes sparkle. 
  19. Housekeeping done right 
  20. Life gets busy. Housekeeping shouldn’t. 
  21. Making homes shine since [YEAR]
  22. We bring cleanliness to your doorstep. 
  23. From messy to impressively clean
  24. We’re your home’s best friend. 
  25. Clean homes for happier lives 
  26. Every speck counts
  27. Your space. Our sparkle. 
  28. For a home you can be proud of
  29. Every home deserves the best. 
  30. The best maid plans 
  31. Your home’s first aid kit 


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    • Frances Sewell

      Im starting up my own cooking/cleaning business and just cant come up with a name I love. Me and my friend Cristal is doing it with me and weve racked our brains til were just lost. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • Chris Augusto

      Really like the idea of a slogan to add to uniforms. Fun post!

    • jency

      nice slogan very catchy and trendy and easy to understand.

    • Betty Ball

      I would like a nice t-shirt for my cleaning business.

    • Adam Levine

      Hi Betty,

      Thanks for visiting CustomInk. Someone from our Sales/Service team will be contacting you shortly. I hope you liked the slogans!

    • louise toyne

      I am starting up my own cleaning business-The Clean Genie and am looking for a catchy tag line. Could you make a suggestion please

    • Kim B.

      Hi Adam,

      I am starting a housekeeping company and I need a catchy line for my business card! Any suggestions ?

    • Lissa Eckert

      Hi Kim! We’d absolutely love for you to use any of our slogans for your business cards! 🙂

    • Lawana Brown

      I’m starting my own cleaning business Compulsive Cleaning Services! I’m having a hard time coming up with a slogan for my business! Please help!!!

    • Lissa Eckert

      Hi Lawana! What about a take on compulsive by using obsessive? Something along the lines of “Obsessively Immaculate” or “Our obsession leaves your home sparkling, no question!” Hope these help!

    • Mayelin Polanco

      Hi my company is Tidey Cleaning Company it’s commercial cleaning mostly restaurants and offices I need help which a catch phrase. Any ideas.

    • Lissa Eckert

      Hi Mayelin! What do you think of something like, “Totally Trusted to Tidey Up”?

    • Luz

      I’m doing my own cleaning business in my business name is Queen Bee Cleaning now I need something for that let’s see who comes up with a good one

    • Lissa Eckert

      Hey Luz! What do you think about, “A clean you’ll have to see to BEE-lieve.”?

    • Barbie Wright

      Hi I’m starting my own cleaning company and having a hard time coming up with a name. I’m wanting to use my last name, “Wright” in the title but not coming up with very much. Wanting it to be catchy, any ideas?

    • Barbie Wright

      You can bee-lieve us when we say, we do it the Royal Way😉

    • Lissa Eckert

      Hey Barbie! What do you think of “Wright & Tidy” – kind of like a play on “Nice & Tidy”? Then you could have a slogan that plays off of your last name, “Cleaned Wright—the Only Way”.

    • Nicolas Duque

      Hi I am starting my own cleaning company Innhome – cleaning main focus in hospitality, hotels, holiday flats and residential but also small commercial work! Any idea for slogan: my values are passion for quality and treat staff fairly. Can you help me? Also in need uniforms good quality and competitive prices thank you!!

    • Lissa Eckert

      Hey Nicolas! I’ll share your email with our Sales team to help out with the perfect uniforms. As far as a slogan goes, what about something like “We treat your home like it’s our own”?

    • Erin Bond

      Hello looking for a slogan for my new business. It’s called Agape cleaning services. Wanting something love and service focused. Thanks

    • Lissa Eckert

      Hi Erin! What about something like “Super Scrubbed with Lots of Love”? Or, “Scrubbin’ with Love”?

    • sunamis

      hi, i have a commercial cleaning company and i would like to have a slogan to add to uniforms and business cards. thanks

    • Lissa Eckert

      Hi Sunamis! We’d love to help you with a slogan! Just let us know a little more about your company, or feel free to use any of the ideas above!

    • Vongani

      Hey☺ my name is vongani m starting a cleaning company, I need help with slogan and I also wanna create a business card please help. Thank you in advance

    • Jude

      We are into all forms of cleaning: from house/office cleaning to fumigation and pest control. Can you suggest a slogan that you think suits?

    • Leigh olujimi

      Hi there! I want a nice slogan fir my cleaning company. The nsme is Leighcleaning service

    • Leigh olujimi

      Hello, am starting a cleaning company that offer post construction buildings, office, after an event cleaning and also bugs mosqito control (fumigation).

    • Lissa Eckert

      Hi Vongani! We’d love for you to use one of our slogans! If you provide a little more information about your company, I can always help with a unique one. 🙂

    • Lissa Eckert

      Hi Leigh! How about, “You make the mess—we’ll pass the white glove test!”?

    • Lissa Eckert

      Hi Jude! How about something like, “From critters to crud, we’ve got the suds!”?

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