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24 Cricket Slogans

Cricket team posing together in their matching custom t-shirts

Cricket has been around since the 16th century, and like baseball, it boils down to hitting a ball with a stick. Unlike baseball, there is a target (the wicket) which the batter (the batsman) defends from getting hit with the ball from the opposing team. Cricket exists in the United States but is most popular in the United Kingdom, India, Australia, and South Africa. And like any sport, Cricket teams are just as competitive as the rest of them— so why not show your team spirit in matching custom shirts and jerseys on the field or in the stands?

Cricket Slogans

That’s a sticky wicket

Good Innings

That’s a wrong’un

Oogly Googlys

When I say ‘Jaffa’, I’m not talking about the cookie

Doosra abhi karna hai

Good golly, all the lollys!

Feeling the nervous nineties right about now

Don’t mind me, just ready to break one’s duck


Hitting Wickets Wins at Cricket

I’m seeing red…inkers!

A little less talking, a little more batting

Good innings for good winnings

Life is just a series of cricket innings

Cricket: The Sport of Kings

Cricket: Where you don’t want all your ducks in a row!

Perhaps it’s a perhapser

I’d be nothing without my Cricket team

I’ve got the cricket bug…and I love it!

Cricket: Small bug, big sport

Well that’s a rosy Bosie

What do you mean, there’s life outside of cricket?

You can have your other sports, I’m sticking with cricket!


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