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The Finishers” and “We are #JasperStrong” are the winners of this week’s Ink of the Week contest!

This past weekend, friends gathered to participate in the Griffith Park Relay Marathon in Los Angeles, California. Some were first-time runners and some were experienced runners, but all ran in dedication to those who have lost their battle against cancer and all finished the race strong in their Hanes Cool Dri Performance Shirts!


When this customer’s 10-year-old cousin, Jasper, was diagnosed with Leukemia this year, she knew she wanted custom #JasperStrong t-shirts to not only support him, but to spread awareness about the wonderful boy Jasper is. Most recently, Jasper’s family showed off their shirts on a trip to the beach.

Visit the contest and Like your favorites.


Real Estate Team Names

In need of a team name for your next team building or after-hours trivia session with your real estate squad? You’ve been showing, signing, and closing all week— now it’s time to let loose and celebrate a successful week of getting clients into their dream homes.

Licensed to Sell

Baby, BUY BUY BUY!


Any 7 year old would be lucky to have a celebration from our list of fun 7th birthday party ideas.

Finding Dory Party
Just keep swimming and just keep partying! Bring Nemo’s BFF to life with this Finding Dory celebration! Create an under the sea tablescape with a sea blue tablecloth, coral, and conch shells as decoration. Twist green streamers and tape them to the wall behind the table to look just like seaweed. Get a 2-tiered cake decorated like an ocean with Dory on top! Or, bake blue velvet cupcakes with blue frosting and use pieces of fondant for fins and frosting for eyes and stripes to create mini Dorys! Serve fruit salad in a shark watermelon bowl— just cut a hole for a mouth and carve in jagged teeth. The kids will love starfish-shaped PB&J sandwiches, served with goldfish crackers and seashell pasta salad! Play a game of pin the fin on Dory and create handprint Dorys for everyone to take home— dip each guest’s hand in blue paint and print it on a piece of paper. Help them use white and black paint markers to draw on eyes, stripes, and their name! Everyone will leave this party hunky Dory!




Matt's Birthday

Birthdays are the perfect opportunity to tell your friend or family member how dear they are to you.  And throwing a birthday party is a great way to show them!  Focus on your birthday honoree’s favorite things and activities and go from there with a little inspiration from this list of birthday party ideas.

Traditional Birthday Party

With so much focus on trends and pop culture these days traditional birthday parties seem to have fallen by the wayside.  Reminisce your childhood or ask your parents for their input and recreate the more simple parties from the past.  Start with handwritten invitations mailed the old-fashioned way complete with a date, time, location and RSVP information.   Bake your birthday person’s favorite cake either from scratch or with the help of a mix.  Adorn the cake with 1 candle for each year and don’t worry about setting the house on fire — the more candles the brighter the glow!  Play a few traditional birthday party games to get everyone involved in the fun.  Pin the Tail on the Donkey is an old-time favorite that will amuse guests of all ages.  Some other ideas are Musical Chairs, Bean Bag Toss and Pass the Parcel — where you wrap a gift in layers of paper and pass it around while playing music.  When the music stops the person holding the gift unwraps a layer of paper.  Start the music again and repeat until the final layer is unwrapped — the gift goes to who opens the last layer of wrapping paper.

Un-Birthday Party

Take a cue from Lewis Carroll and throw an “Un-Birthday” Party that works best for those born during significant holidays where their birthday gets kind of lost amid all of the holiday activities.  If your birthday king or queen was born close to Christmas or New Year’s, throw them an un-birthday party in July.  Enjoy all of the warm-weather fun that normally would not be possible in the winter months.  Or, have a classic “Alice Style” tea un-birthday party complete with unusual decorations such as flowers in rainbow hues, oddly shaped teapots and teacups and an artistically beautiful tablecloth.  Serve tea of course, or drop colored ice cubes into lemonade.  Cut fun sandwiches into a variety of different shapes.  Serve brightly-colored sweets and treats in an eclectic variety of ornate bowls and dishes.  Stop by your local vintage store or antique shop for some great finds to make this un-birthday tea party a great success.


Birthday Cruise

Destination Birthday

Imagine the excitement of gathering your favorite friends and family to celebrate a birthday party away from home.  You’ll need plenty of time for advance planning so be sure to start early.  Consider your birthday person’s favorite destination or one that’s on their bucket list.  Whether you borrow a friend’s cabin in the mountains or cruise the Mediteranean,  just being together in a new and different place will enhance the experience.  A destination birthday is also a great way to choose a central location for folks that live in different areas.  Remember to take plenty of pictures — you can use them to create a special memory book for all of the attendees.

Charity Party

My son recently attended his buddy’s 13th birthday party at the roller skating rink.  His friend asked that instead of bringing birthday gifts, each guest bring pet food or pet supplies for the local animal shelter.  This sparked a conversation between my son and me about the shelter and the dire need they have for donations.  We love animals so my son was thrilled to know that he was helping the little furry fellows out.  Everyone had a blast at the party and were thrilled to see the mountain of pet food and supplies.  They all wanted to participate in the delivery of the goods and some have started volunteering at the shelter as a result.  Charity birthday parties are for all ages and all causes.  Pay it forward, have fun and take pride in knowing that you all have made a positive difference in the world!

Surprise Birthday Party

First of all, make sure that your birthday honoree truly likes to be surprised and will enjoy being the center of attention.  Also consider the extent of the surprise they might most enjoy — he/she might appreciate an intimate surprise, a surprise trip with a few good friends or a special one-on-one dinner.  If you’ve come to the conclusion the birthday person would LOVE to be surprised then follow these steps to pull off your secret mission.  When coming up with surprise party ideas, think about their hobbies, the music they like, the food they like, the things they are sentimental about; anything that may lead you to a specific theme they would enjoy.  Contact someone who is living with them, husband, wife, neighbor, etc. to get information about them.  Call just to say “Hi”, and towards the end of the conversation ask what their plans are for a specific day/week, etc. This is an important part; you want to make sure that the Surprisee doesn’t make plans on the day of the surprise party you are planning.  Another important person is the assistant (the one who brings the Surprisee to the Surprise party). This needs to be a person who is highly reliable and trustworthy, is on time, can be spontaneous and improvise, has been very much involved with planning the party — and most importantly someone who can keep the secret with a very straight face.  So that the guest of honor is less likely to suspect something, have the party a few days earlier than their actual birthday.

Around the World Potluck

Celebrate and enjoy the best cuisine from different countries around the world.  Assign a country or region to each guest as part of their invitation.  You can ask them to bring a main dish while you provide the venue, side dishes and drinks.  Turn it up a notch by asking each guest to wear clothing related to their specific country.  Make a display with interesting facts about all of the countries featured.  Play some worldly trivia games or have a geography “bee” for a fun way to learn something new about international cultures.  Play a variety of music from around the world and do a little research to learn a few native dances to have fun learning with your party guests.  Print and bind the recipes featured and give everyone a copy to take home.  This birthday party will be a global success!

Holiday Party

For those whose birthdays fall near a significant holiday their special day can get lost in the shuffle.  It takes a little creative planning to pull off an amazing holiday birthday party but it’s definitely possible if you follow these tips.  First of all, plan in advance.  Holidays usually coincide with vacations, so you want to make sure people will be around for the party. Before booking the date, send out a quick email to friends and family to find out if they’ll be in town.  If not, consider moving the party to a few days before or after the real birthdate.  Consider choosing a non-holiday theme — something completely opposite of the season.  Choose a menu that is much different than common food choices for the holiday.  Avoid giving “combo gifts’ that cover both the birthday and the holiday. If the birthday falls directly on a gift-giving holiday, carve out some special time when only he/she will be opening presents.   If the main part of your house is already decorated for the holiday then decorate a different room with birthday banners and balloons.

Office Party

Whoever said that mixing business with pleasure is not a good idea never knew the bonds of friendship that form in today’s workplace.  Packing a lot of dedicated coworkers into small working spaces not only promotes collaboration but also helps form forever friends.  It’s only fitting that you would want to celebrate your work teammate’s birthday.  Whether you simply present them with a decorated cupcake during lunch break or take the whole department out to lunch, it will mean a lot to your birthday honoree.  And it helps to ease the stress on especially intense days in the office or on the job site.  If you decide to celebrate the birthday in the office take special care to include everyone on your team or in your department.

Pajama Party

If your young birthday honoree enjoys sleepovers or if your older birthday person wants to throw back to the younger days then a pajama party is the way to go.  Ask that everyone wear their pajamas (of course!) and bring sleeping bags and pillows.  Choose a large room in your home that has enough room for everyone to sleep.  Transform the room into a cozy fort by making old-fashioned tents with sheets, twine and clothes pins.  Glue glitter to the bottom of balloons and hang them from the ceiling amid strings of white lights.  For the younger girls consider giving them each a matching set of pajamas as their guest gift when they arrive.  Set up a photo booth with lots of fun props suitable for the age of the guests.  A fun twist for a schedule of events is to write each game or activity on a small piece of paper and insert each one into a different balloon. Write the hour on each balloon and pop the balloon on the hour at which the game is to be played.  Have your guests decorate and personalize plain pillowcases with colorful fabric paint and embellishments.  Watch movies together complete with popcorn and theatre candy and wake up the next morning to homemade pancakes.

Who am I?

Here’s a fun idea that is sure to get everyone interacting with each other.  Write the names of famous people (or infamous — the funnier the better!) on note cards.  Choose well-known people who are relevant to your guest of honor’s era.  When each guest arrives, pin a note card to the back of their clothing.  Have them circulate the room while asking everyone questions about who they “are”.  Only YES or NO answers should be allowed.  Provide some accessories that are relevant to your famous people so that when the identities are discovered they can dress more like them and take photos.  Make a Hollywood style backdrop on a large wall for photo ops.  Print the photos so that each guest can take home a memento of the best birthday party ever!


One is fun and the twos are terrible, but you always love your toddler! Celebrate with these fun birthday party ideas for toddlers.

Circus Party
Your little one is the ringleader of this party! Have a circus bash that will send everyone over the (big) top! Fill the room with bright colored balloons with stars and stripes on them. Use a red tablecloth to design the treat table and use a cake shaped as a circus tent as the centerpiece. Offer elephant cookies, bowls of animal crackers, and cracker jacks. For the backdrop, get light up marquee letters to spell out the birthday boy or girl’s name. Get everyone in on the fun and hand out clown noses for kids and parents to wear! Buy a ringleader hat and striped top for the birthday babe to wear as they dig into their cake. For fun, create a ball pit with bright plastic balls in a kiddie pool!



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