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Ultimate Frisbee Team Slogans and Sayings

Posted By Adam Levine

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A funny/creative slogan or saying can make all the difference for your ultimate frisbee team’s success… Okay maybe not, but they’re sure to make your teammates and competitors laugh and get inspired! So check out our list of slogans to add to your ultimate frisbee t-shirts and look awesome on and off the field.

Ultimate Frisbee Slogans and Sayings for Team Jerseys

    Huck it like you mean it.

    When a ball dreams, it dreams it’s a frisbee.

    Throw your hands in the air, if you’re a true player.

    We spin it right round baby, right round.

    It’s all about the style points.

    Elevate your game.

    Ultimate or bust.

    Peace through frisbee.

    Tired of playing with balls?

    Huck it like it’s HAWT.

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