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120 Running and Track Slogans and Sayings

A collage of custom apparel and products with running and track sayings and slogans: A performance hoodie, gym bag, performance tank top, water bottle, two beanies, and a quarter-zip sweatshirt.

As a runner, there are plenty of inspirational quotes and sayings out there to motivate you. We’ve collected some of the best, which you can use to inspire your teammates and create awesome custom gear. They’re perfect for the front or the back of running team t-shirts, marathon group t-shirts, custom beanies, hoodies, and performance wear. So check them out before the competition steals yours!

Runnings Slogans

  1. Don’t pass me—I’m not in your age group
  2. Run to live. Live to run.
  3. Pain is nothing compared to what it feels like to quit.
  4. Death before DNF
  5. Carbs for life
  6. This seemed like such a good idea three weeks ago
  7. We run this mother
  8. Training to run—not running to train
  9. Let’s make a run for it
  10. Run hard or walk home
  11. Running is my favorite
  12. I don’t chase dreams. I run them down. 
  13. Runner’s High: Chase it.
  14. Eat. Sleep. Run. Repeat. 
  15. Run because you can.
  16. Running: It’s a mental sport.
  17. Live. Love. Run.
  18. Running is my therapy.
  19. Your only limit is you.
  20. Born to run

Funny Running Sayings

  1. Running: It’s cheaper than therapy
  2. My name isn’t Forrest
  3. Will run for tacos
  4. BACK OF SHIRT: Thanks—I’ve never passed anyone before
  5. Let’s go yogging
  6. Everyday I’m hustlin’
  7. Be the road warrior.
  8. Running – Cheaper than therapy.
  9. We run this town.
  10. Run like you stole something.
  11. Run the day, don’t let it run you.
  12. I run so I can eat cupcakes.
  13. If you see me collapse, pause my running watch. 
  14. Run? I thought they said, “rum.” 
  15. I thought they said 2.62 miles, not 26.2 miles. 
  16. I’ve got 99 problems, but I’m going running to ignore them all. 
  17. I don’t chase dreams; I outrun nightmares. 
  18. Running? More like advanced skipping. 
  19. Running: The best way to convince yourself you’re a superhero.
  20. I don’t sweat—I leak awesome. Running and track slogans & sayings

Funny Cross Country Quotes

  1. “Cross country: our sport is your sport’s punishment.”
  2. “Anyone can run 100 meters. It’s the next 2,900, 3,900, or 4,900 that count!”
  3. “Only a runner doesn’t laugh at the word ‘fartlek.’”
  4. “May the course be with you.”
  5. “No half times. No time outs. No substitutions.” 
  6. “If you can read this, we’re just warming up.”
  7. “The faster you run, the quicker you’re done.”
  8. “Real athletes run miles, not yards.”
  9. “Distance is my morning coffee.”
  10. “Tough runs don’t last, tough runners do.”
  11. “Never underestimate someone who loves to run.”
  12. “Speed is overrated whereas endurance is underrated.”
  13. “The body achieves what the mind believes.”
  14. “There’s no peak too high.”
  15. “Over the river and through the woods… and hills and more woods, and another river, and more hills.”
  16. “Cross country: All it takes is all you got.”
  17. “Cross country is all about sportsmanship. Until you try to pass me.”
  18. “If cross country was easy, it would be called track.”
  19. “Just shut up and run.” – Kenrick Sealy 
  20. “Cross Country: Finally, a practical use for golf courses.”

Cross Country Puns

  1. Sorry, I’ve got to run!
  2. Mud, sweat, and tears
  3. Comrades in sweat
  4. XC: it’s one hill of a sport!
  5. It’s all part of the run! 
  6. We may not be speedy, but we’re all a little racy. 
  7. It’s just a hill—get over it! 
  8. Much Ado About Running
  9. They’ll Be Running ‘Round the Mountain! 
  10. If I’m going to run cross country, I’m going to start with a small country.
  11. Kick grass! 
  12. Seven days without running makes one weak. 
  13. We’ve got a bad case of the runs
  14. Run for your life! 
  15. Make a run for it! 
  16. Cardio is hardio
  17. The surgeon general says it’s OK to smoke the competition.
  18. We run for the hill of it.
  19. I tried to start a running club, but it never got off the ground. 
  20. I tried to make a running pun, but I ran out of ideas. 

A track team poses together while wearing their matching custom gear after a race.

Track Sayings

  1. Lead the pack! Run track!
  2. Don’t just chase your dreams. Run them down!
  3. Why is everyone chasing me?
  4. 400m is the new 100m
  5. If we played tag, you’d be “it” forever.
  6. We don’t need wings to fly.
  7. Baby got track!
  8. I can handle any hurdle.
  9. I’ve got a track record.
  10. There are no timeouts in track.
  11. Be fast or be last
  12. Get back on track
  13. Breaking my own records.
  14. Down the track, never look back.
  15. Sore today. Strong tomorrow.
  16. I spit on the track because it’s the law.
  17. Thou shalt not false start. 
  18. When in doubt, sprint it out. 
  19. Track and Field: Where running in circles gets you somewhere. 
  20. If at first you don’t succeed, try doing what your track coach told you to do the first time.

Track Yearbook Headlines

  1. Ready, Set, Go the Extra Mile!
  2. Chasing Victory
  3. Racing Ahead
  4. Staying on Track
  5. Outrunning the Ordinary
  6. Going the Distance 
  7. Meet the Champions
  8. Record Breakers
  9. Charting Our Course
  10. Overtaking Obstacles
  11. The Race We Ran
  12. Catch Us If You Can
  13. Unleashing Potential 
  14. Sprinting Toward Success 
  15. Breathless Moments
  16. In It to Win It 
  17. The Fast and the Fearless 
  18. In the Fast Lane
  19. Pacing Towards Glory
  20. Beyond the Finish Line

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    • elisiah frank

      stop chasing me

    • elisiah frank

      if im slow your slower

    • Cass Reed

      ‘Trample the weak, hurdle the dead’
      ‘running is a mental sport and we are all insane’

    • koolio

      We’re XC and we know it

    • jordyn

      Just because your the best, doesn’t mean you can act the best!

    • mike

      If you don’t enjoy the journy…you probably won’t enjoy the destination.

    • mike

      Its a hill…GET OVER IT

    • Allegra

      We’re bringing XC back.

    • eric n

      If you wanna catch me you’ve gotta be fast, if you wanna stay with me you’ve got to be good, if you wanna pass me you’ve got to be kidding!

    • Cheerforthebest

      Hustle and Heart set us apart

    • kisha

      We run like we’ve taken something from liam neeson

    • Sarah

      Track is Wack

    • Ashley

      We’ve got more legs than a bucket of chicken.

    • collin

      hurdling through life’s obstacles

    • Elizabeth

      Track season is the reason!

    • Kathy Drohan

      Hi …I’m looking for a t-shirt that reads “If found on the ground just pull me over the finish line!” Do you have/ make something like that? How much? will be ordering around 12 shirts so sizes? colors? thanks,

    • rachel moore

      XC: it’s a long distance relationship

    • Cailey

      My cross country shoes have more miles than your car

    • connor woodyard

      “You can’t catch me!”
      “You can’t stop me!” – Andy Mineo

    • coach

      2 runners,1 trophy…who did their speedwork?

    • Tony D

      Need a catchy title for a 5K race in honor of a person named BEN

    • Lissa Eckert

      Hey Tony! What about something like “Sprintin’ for Ben” or “Ben’s Brigade”?

    • rodney harper

      there’s always another hurdle

    • Taylor Radford

      I am in yearbook and these are so helpful. Thank you guys <3

    • Lissa Eckert

      Thank you for sharing, Taylor! That makes our day to hear. 🙂

    • Lilly Delduco

      “Shut up, I’m not almost there”

    • mike hunt

      rUN foR ThE MonEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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